DBD 6/28/13 - Germane to Current Events: Love and Pride

This weekend, San Francisco will host its 43rd annual GLBT Pride parade and celebration, but with the SCOTUS rulings on DOMA and CA Prop 8 the party got started a couple days early.

I arrived at my office a little bit late on Wednesday because I'd been watching the news. When I got there, my boss immediately asked if I would like the day off. "This is an historic day for you," he said. "Go up to San Francisco and celebrate!" After we shared some tears and a hug, I hopped on a train and was on my way.

After alerting Twitter to my plans, a motion was made:

And seconded:

Well, since you asked so nicely...

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in San Francisco. City Hall was dressed for the occasion, as was the entire Civic Center.



In the Castro, people were already lining the sidewalks at noon in preparation for the 6:30 pm celebration.


Cars cruised slowly up and down Castro St., passengers honking and waving pride flags out of windows and sunroofs. People would see each other and start spontaneously cheering. Signs were hung from windows and balconies.


As the time for the event drew near, the streets all around Castro were blocked off, two stages for DJs were set up (it's the Castro--you had to know there was going to be dancing) and celebrants started to pour into the streets.




Also, I have to include this guy, because OBVIOUSLY:

Although they weren't out in the Castro celebrating with us, I was pleased to note that couple of my favorite Golden Bears were happy to hear the news as well:

Fujita had an additional message for the haters:


Happy Friday everyone! Happy Pride Weekend! Happy Marriage Equality! Please, enjoy your weekend and celebrate your family, whatever it looks like.


How will you be spending your weekend? And have you had an 80's song of questionable quality stuck in your head since you read the subject line of this DBD?

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