DBD 5.1.13 Vancouver is BEAR TERRITORY!

This last Thursday I ventured into the great white north for the first time in my life and visited the beautiful city of Vancouver. As a Cal fan, I felt it necessary to visit the University of British Columbia—our California Golden Bears' primary rival in rugby (176-0, SUCKITFURD). So, I decided to look around and try and find the scene of California's annual win in the World Cup series.


Crossing the Border . . . I was absolutely shocked that the Canadians let me in, but they made the mistake of a lifetime and allowed me to enter the realm of Queen Elizabeth II and the Dominion of Canada

Welcome to the University of British Columbia!

Campanile > UBC Bell Tower. Still a pretty little area on the campus, but I was looking for Bear Territory, and as far as I know, the rugby Bears haven't humiliated the Thunderbirds here


Canada is a kind of beautiful country . . .

This is how you get to the beach in Vancouver

Well then . . .

The beach was a little rocky and there really was not anything good to see . . . the view was nice though! It was also very warm and the water was not all to cold, there were actually some people in the water!!

UBC's rugby fields . . . yeah, this is pretty much Bear Territory. I believe this is where the Thunderbirds usually play rugby, but this is NOT where they play our Sturdy Golden Bears.



Thunderbird Stadium. The scene of the annual California rugby victory in the World Cup. THIS IS BEAR TERRITORY!

Oh, I also went to a hockey game in Canada to root for the visiting team . . . kind of surprised I lived to tell the tale.


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