NFL Draft Analysis: Keenan Allen Still on the Board


With three receivers taken during the first round, Keenan Allen is a lock for the second round. Where he ends up remains to be seen, however.

The first round of the draft has come and gone and Keenan Allen is still available. Although he was projected by some to be a first-round pick, he's staying optimistic heading into today's rounds.

That he was not drafted is not a complete surprise, as only three WRs were taken in the first round. It was surprising to see DeAndre Hopkins jump into the first round, however. According to many, Justin Hunter (Tennessee) was poised to be the second WR off the board. Whether he or Keenan will be the next WR taken is a mystery heading into tomorrow. Robert Woods could sneak ahead of them, but odds are good that Hunter or Allen goes next.

Keenan Allen is the fourth-rated receiver in Scout's draft board as well as fourth in Mel Kiper's position-by-position ratings. Hunter is ahead of him in each set of ratings.

Where they end up is unclear: the two teams with the biggest holes at receiver--Minnesota and Texas--picked up receivers during the first round. With Minnesota and Texas having met their needs, Buffalo, New England, Cleveland, San Diego, Carolina, and Tampa Bay still have outstanding needs at WR. Cincinnati, Tennessee, and Philadelphia could also use WRs, but they're looking to fill out WR depth instead of finding a #1 or #2 receiver. They probably will not draft WRs until the late rounds, so they are unlikely destinations for Allen.

Except for a surprising prediction of Brian Schwenke going to the Colts in the first round, all the other predictions from yesterday's NFL Draft Preview should still be accurate (as accurate as you can expect from these things, anyway).

So what should we expect from today's draft?

Keenan Allen: 2nd round

Brian Schwenke: 3rd round

Steve Williams or Marc Anthony could be a surprise pick in the third round. While we saw three cornerbacks drafted during the first round, we still have a handful of prospects who should be picked ahead of Cal's duo.

Update (4.26.2012): Mock Drafts

Keenan is the 14th pick in the second round (46th overall) to Buffalo in Scout's round 2 mock draft. Allen is the third WR drafted in the round behind Justin Hunter (2nd pick, San Francisco) and Robert Woods (12th pick, Carolina).

Keenan goes to New England as the 52nd overall pick in Kiper's round 2 mock draft. Allen again is the third WR picked after Woods (40th, Tennessee) and Hunter (41st, Buffalo).

Bleacher Report's updated second-round mock draft has Allen going to the Jets as the 7th pick in the second draft. He is just behind Hunter (4th, 36th overall, Tennessee).

SBNation's latest round 2 mock picks Allen to go to Buffalo as the 41st overall pick. He is picked ahead of Hunter (44-Carolina) but behind Woods (39-Jets)

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