DBD 4.11.2013 One of These Things is Not Like the Other

As some of you may or may not know, one of my biggest passions is seeing live music. The number of live bands I've seen is countless.

Festivals? Been there, done that. Lollapalooza? I was there in 1992, '93, '94 and '96. Coachella? A seven year veteran from 2004-10. Treasure Island Music Fest? 2007 and 2009. Outside Lands? Yep, that too. Radio staion music fests? Yep. Everything from KROQ's Almost Aucoustic Xmas to KLON's Blues Fest to 107.7's Bone Bash.

Black Sabbath



I've seen Black Sabbath on a number of occasions and with three different singers: Ozzy, Rob Halford and Dio. The most memorable was by far with the Metal God himself, Rob Halford. During a Randy Rhoads benefit show in 1992, Black Sabbath, then fronted by Ronnie James Dio, were set to open for Ozzy's solo band and Dio had refused to play on the same stage as the man he replaced. In steps Rob Halford and he nailed it, complete with the full leather daddy regalia.

This is that historic performance in its entirety:

#Video is grainy, jumpy and not of the highest quality as it was most likely recorded with a handheld video recorder. But that doesn't take away from its awesomeness.

Immortal Technique



SPOILER ALERT! I love underground Hip Hop. And to me, that means the likes of Immortal Technique, MF Doom, Mr. Lif, Cannibal Ox, and Atmosphere. I've had the chance to see Tech at Coachella and in some small clubs in and around the Bay. But the best show I've seen him perform was right on campus on Lower Sproul with the glory of Eshleman Hall providing the backdrop.

#Video is sideways and is only a partial song.

Richard Wagner



Hitler's favorite composer. How bad could Hitler have been when he had such great taste in music? Yes, the mrs and I have had season tickets for the SF Opera for the past decade. I wouldn't say I was dragged to the opera all those years ago but I went cautiously optimistic and have been hooked ever since. Wagner has stood out among all the composers I've seen performed and I looked forward every year in hopes there's a Wagner production in the line-up.

From Der Fliegende Holländer




One of my all time favorite bands. By the time I got around to catching them live, they were already selling out arenas. Then in 2001, they embarked on a "club" tour with a stop at the 3,000 seat auditorium at Berkeley High School. Holy crap this was an amazing show. CUGEL ALERT! King Crimson opened the show! And Les Claypool from Primus sat right in front of me! It sold out before I could finish logging in to Ticketmaster. So we scalped tickets from some dude in front of BHS the night of the show, just hoping that they would be accepted at the door after giving the guy $200 for the pair. Visually one of the more impressive shows I've seen.

The Grudge from their album 'Lateralus' at Berkeley HS:

So now that I'm done bragging (for now) about some of the amazing shows I've seen. What are yours?

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