Cal Basketball: Putting Stanfurd In The Past

Avinash Kunnath

Cal will have to rebound from a pretty tough loss to Stanford and get set for the Pac-12 tournament.

BLEHHHHHHHHH. What did the Furd loss expose about Cal? Were there any positives to take?

LeonPowe: That sometimes teams have bad days. We had a really bad one. One game is hopefully an aberration. Let's see how we come out in the pac-12 tourney before declaring this team as anything as bad as we showed today. I prefer to think we're a lot more like the team that played the last 6 weeks, not today.

Vincent S: Sometimes teams go off. Stanford seems to do so regularly in games in Berkeley - 2009 comes to mind. Cal is also susceptible to referee whims, from questionable intentional fouls, to dubious continuation and shooting fouls, to poor overall game management. For Cal to do well in the rest of their games, they have to destroy their opponents to the point that anything short of fixing wouldn't affect the outcome of a game. The only other time I've heard Haas that hostile to referees was last year's Arizona game. Unless they play in San Jose, Cal will not have that sort of crowd advantage in any game, and they need to be prepared, as Bill Walton preaches, to be at their best when their best is needed.

norcalnick: The only positive is that Ricky Kreklow was able to play and get some game action. No matter how you feel about how he impacted that individual game, his return is something to be celebrated.

atomsareenough: Expose? It exposed the fact that we can have an off night, I guess? That's any team, though. Look, our perimeter D has been suspect all year, we were extra sluggish for most of the game last night, and Stanford had a hot shooting night and made us pay. That, plus our sloppiness on offense, is what did us in. Maybe it's possible that the guys had gotten a little too high emotionally after winning 7 games in a row and that this is a helpful wake-up call about effort level and execution, just in time for the postseason. If it lights a fire under our posteriors and we sweep through the conference tourney into the NCAAs, it'll make it a lot easier to get over this one.

LEastCoastBears: The Bears are not going to go undefeated for the rest of the season. The loss snapped the 7 game winning streak, which did include a few games where the Bears were lucky to escape with a W. Another 7 game win streak would win us not just the Pac-12 Tournament (3 games) but also take us to our first Final Four in forever.

Furd matched up quite well against us. They were able to shut our Bigs down (although the refs being too whistle happy are partially responsible for shutting Richard Solomon down) and managed to make their outside shots (exceeding their usual shooting incompetence for the year). They managed to play at the level where they probably could have beaten any team in the conference.

Ricky Kreklow being back can only help the Bears next week, where the winner would need to win games on consecutive days.

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