Cal Men's Basketball v. Colorado Photo Essay

Let's Photo Like We Did Last Summer!

When I renewed my season tickets many moons ago, I was given the option of 2 free tickets to a MBB game. I chose the Colorado game, mostly because it was in March many weeks out. I was extremely busy back then and wanted time for life to calm down, so I could be sure I could use the tickets.

I didn't anticipate that Cal would be where it is now with its lengthy winning streak and chance for a Pac-12 Title. I don't remember exactly when I got everything renewed, but at that time, Cal was struggling. We had done poorly in the OOC schedule and gotten off to a rough start in the Pac-12 with 3 losses in our first 5 games. Our front court was struggling and there were grumblings about Coach Montgomery.

Now, everything is different. Our frontcourt is playing up to its potential! Our explosive back court is doing exactly what was anticipated. This is a team that I think can take on anybody. I don't fear any team. They should fear Cal! I don't know what Montgomery did to flip the switch on this team, but it's all clicking right now. We're one win against Stanford (and we WILL beat those Trees) and some luck away from a Pac-12 Championship!

As the date for the Colorado game got closer and closer, I got more and more excited about my free tickets. What a boon! I hadn't been to a game since Cal beat Oregon at the last second a few weeks back, so I was excited and ready to beat the Buffs!

The scene was pretty hot. Tons of people all around campus and at bars off of campus (like Pappy's). Tons of Colorado fans everywhere. Just check out the lines from Haas. They stretched up towards Lower Sproul!


Normally, you can just wander up to a Cal game whenever and easily scoot in to your seats. Not on Saturday! It's good to see the energy back at Haas! Despite planning on getting there early, I barely got to my seats in time for tip off!


The final score makes it look like it was a Cal blowout, but the game was pretty close all throughout the first half. Colorado was doing a great job clamping down on Crabbe.




Also, helping Colorado in the first half: the refs. I'm trying not to be the homer fan who thought the refs were bad because they called things against Cal. It definitely seemed one sided. Some rough calls against Cal there. The fans were going ballistic against the refs. But things evened out in the 2nd half.


The Cal D has been fantastic. Cal blocked roughly 43,000 shots (that is an approximate number). In the first half, at least, Colorado was getting some solid 3s, though, and 2nd chance points to keep it close.


Cal had a small lead for most of the 1st half. It would go from 2-4 points and then maybe Colorado would get up by a point or two. A tight game. Tyrone Wallace was stepping up for Crabbe and absolutely killing it out there. You've all seen the video of his dunk, right?


The place was going BONKERS after that dunk. We had the highest attendance of the year. Plus, there were tons of recruits there for junior day (a great day to bring the recruits!). Sonny Dykes was there with his family.


(Photo via FiatLux)

I saw Mike Silver! It was the place to be!

Remember, you can make any photo larger by opening it up in a new tab.


Here is Oski in a giant afro. I don't know where he got the afro from or why he even thought to wear an afro. But, hey, it's Oski in an afro! So, that's a thing.




Somebody else was using a flash at this very moment, so I ended up with this Nuclear Winter shot right here.


At halftime, Cal was up by a handful of points. It could have been more, but Colorado hit a 3 right at the end of the half. That made me feel a bit nervous there.

The halftime show was young girls doing a cheerleading routine. The band played some fight songs and they did the routines (but at a slower pace).



Some great D down low!



More great D!


This was the video question of the game. Would you rather eat bees or poison ivy? What a delightfully random Q. It seemed like something the disturbed minds here at CGB would think up. I loved it! Because of how disturbing my mind is.



In the 2nd half, Cal started to build their lead. The D clamped down even FURTHER on Colorado. They got it up to about 9 points, then Colorado cut that back down to 4 or 5 and then it was just all over for Colorado. Cal pushed it up to double digits and we could breath again!



Monty is showing so much sock here! Is that too much sock!??! I ask you, My Sartorialist friends! Also, I hope that the Trail Brush play was successful.



At the end of the game, Colorado couldn't do much more than watch as Cal did the basketball equivalent of taking a knee.


Go Bears! The Cal D is staunch right now. 46 2 games in a row given up! 3 out of the last 4 games! Intense.


The atmosphere at Haas was great. Us oldies were bringing it, but I'd be remiss to ignore the contributions of the students. It was PACKED! Even that student section behind the basket (but above the lower area) was packed. That section is generally emptier. Cal's plan of moving the band and rally comm over to the sideline to put more students behind the basket has been a complete success, in my view. I questioned it at first, but with the area packed, it's worked out.

Plus, BIG HEADS!! FrankCohen and his cohort of awesomes have out done themselves again. They have these guys below AND more.


Who loves Big Heads??? I know I do! GO BEARS!

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