Cal Basketball: Bears Defense Resurgent, Tyrone Wallace A Key Factor

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears men's basketball team is riding a nice, long winning streak going into their final game of the regular season. The defense has been a big factor.

What impressed you the most about Cal's sweep of Utah and Colorado? Who was your player of the week?

TwistNHook: I really thought Tyrone Wallace had a great week. We all saw the dunk:

Let's look at the numbers. Wallace shot 8-12 against Colorado for 16 points. He also got 11 rebounds for a slick double double!

He wasn't quite as good against Utah. He had 11-5 in that game. With Crabbe and Cobbs really producing in that game, not as much was needed from him. Cal coasted to an easy victory and many players off the bench got some minutes.

But with Colorado clamping down on Crabbe in the Saturday game, Wallace was able to step up for the Golden Bears. Given that he is only a freshman, I am excited about his future at Cal!


For me, that was the most impressive thing. Cal really clamped down on both opponents, especially Colorado. Kravish and Solo seem to be doing yeomen's work in the paint constantly and they're such adept shotblockers, I wonder if they get into the heads of their opponents, altering shots. Apart from those two, the all-around team defense was good. Holding Utah AND CU under 50? Can't beat that with a stick.

My player of the week? I'll give it to Ty Wallace because I've rewound and replayed his dunk about a dozen times.

TwistNHook: Hey, OhioBear, it's not 1992 anymore. You don't have to rewind YouTube videos.

LEastCoastBears: I have to agree with OhioBear and said that the overall defensive effort of the Bears was the most impressive attribute for the Bears in yet another successful week. The Bears had a slow start to the Utah game (where the Utes also were making shots at a much better rate than their usual standard) but with about 5 minutes to go before the half, a switch was flipped and the Utes was back to their usual struggles. As for the Colorado game, the low field goal percentage of the Buffs speak for itself. Even if when the Buffs were able to grab the rebounds, the Bears was disciplined enough to still put up a good fight as oppose to earlier in the season when everyone would be confused as to who to guard, etc.

As for the player of the week, Tyrone Wallace's scoring and that tremendous finish is to be applauded. But since Twist has already picked him as his player of the week and I do not want to agree with him to boost his ego, I would go with David Kravish who shot 9 for 12 for the two games combined. More importantly, Kravish was a pivotal part of the Cal defense (tying this to the answer to the first part of the question) while filling up his stat sheet with 3 blocks each to continue his rapid ascend in the Cal career block list.

LeonPowe: I have to agree with everyone - since we lack editorial integrity around here - and talk up the defense. I think the way Kravish, Solomon and Thurman are rotating and shutting down the middle is very encouraging for future success. I might worry a little bit about facing a team with a really good big man but that's getting ahead of myself. The Bears defense has allowed them to continue to win even if Crabbe or Cobbs have an off game scoring wise.

Player of the week - I'm going to cop out and go with Mike Montgomery. You know the scene in 'Hoosiers' where the Coach talks about five pistons firing at once, together. I think we're hitting that.

Ohio Bear: How many passes before we take a shot?!?



LeonPowe: Note: this is not a statement about Mike Montgomery shoving Crabbe.

Ohio Bear: Totes different! Norman Dale punched his player in the jaw!

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