2013-2013 MBB Season: What Is Your Thought?


Crystal Ball Time!

TwistNHook: What are your thoughts regarding next season? Do you see Cal being better or worse?

BlueandGold15: If Crabbe returns, there's a lot to like - the team would have Jabari to help shoulder the scoring load, and a fully healthy Ricky Kreklow would help immensely for depth purposes. Tack on some improvement by Tyrone Wallace - especially in shooting the ball - and you could have yourself a Sweet 16 run next year. If Crabbe leaves, though, as many expect, then I figure we'll be about the same, qualifying for the tournament and being a pretty solid team overall.

LEastCoastBears: I'm optimistic that the incoming freshmen would be impact guys. Jabari Bird is definitely a first year impact guy. I think Rook could be as well, given the lack of depth behind Solomon and Kravish. If Crabbe is back, we may be the favorite to win the conference (which would comes with a preseason ranking and everything). Then the expectation would be to beat Furd, win the Pac-12 title, and get to the Sweet Sixteen.

Berkelium97: If Crabbe returns, we ought to be better. Otherwise, about the same. We have a solid incoming freshman class led by Jabari Bird. That should help fill the scoring void left by Crabbe. If Kreklow stays healthy, he should be an improved player next season. Wallace showed some flashes of potential and he should begin to develop into a more consistent player. The team has enough pieces to continue its recent string of success: Pac-12 title contention and an NCAA bid.

Ohio Bear: Two words: Jabari Bird. Cal will be better if Crabbe returns. If Crabbe does not return, I expect a team that is about the same in terms of expectations and accomplishment.

Kodiak: Stop me if you've heard this before. But next year could totally be our year.

VincentS :I think we're going to struggle a little bit at first - we're going to have to incorporate at least one, maybe two, new guards/wings into our schemes, and it will take some time to develop the chemistry we saw during our rampage through the latter half of our Pac-12 schedule. Our depth at the big man positions will take a hit, with Robert graduating. On the other hand, Richard Solomon looks like he's going to have a monster senior season. David Kravish may put on some more muscle. Justin Cobbs looks ready to guide and lead our team. Tyrone Wallace's confidence can only grow - hopefully he can get in some long range and free throw practice during the offseason as well. Christian Behrens showed flashes before going down. Kaileb Rodriguez, Khalil Johnson, and the others will have all had a year of tutelage.

I think we have the personnel to run the 4-out 1-in Mizzou attack that dismantled us a few years ago, and I can't wait to see what we're capable of.

Boomtho: Overall, I'm excited to watch next year's team, as I have been (and will be!) for every Monty coached team we trot out. The offense execution, the defensive fundamentals, the in-season growth and team gelling... they're all clear Monty hallmarks, and they're why I love to watch his teams. While I'll definitely miss Thurman and Crabbe (assuming he goes), it's definitely not as sad as losing that amazing class with Randle, PC, and Theo. Haas will remain an incredible place to watch a game (unless that asshole fiatlux continues to yell from the stands... :P), and Berkeley will still be as amazing as ever. Always looking forward, always optimistic... hallmarks of a Cal fan?! At any rate, GO BEARS!

It all depends on if Crabbe comes back. If he does - and we get contributions from a freshman other than Jabari Bird, this could be an elite team.

atomsareenough: If Crabbe somehow comes back, then yes, I think we'll definitely be better. If he doesn't, then it depends on how quickly the new guys take to college basketball.

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