Spring Practice #10 - I am: Ignoring Questions, Concocting Answers, Developing Concerns



Klindergoehm... No, it surely can't be. It just doesn't roll of the tongue the way Klindergoff does*.

I'm pretty sure I read the depth chart correctly and I understand that the clear order of the QB position this Spring is "Goff OR Hinder OR Kline." Wait.. those are listed alphabetically.. and what's the word "or" doing there? (Ignore the questions, Berkules.. ach ja, but there are so many questions) Why am I seeing so much of #6 out there if he's not listed on the depth chart?

Because he can run. No, because he can throw. No, because he can.. catch? My mind is melting. Let's put aside the questions for a bit and just look at what we I know think.. let's try to find some answers in all this madness.

1. Cal Bears Pandora Is Wonderful

Whose job is it to arrange the warmup playlist? I envy this person.. here were some of my favorites tonight:


The Temptations: Papa Was a Rolling Stone

Outkast: The Whole Word

No app would ever equate these three songs.. but it should.

2. Kyle Boehm is a Role-Player

There is, understandably, a lot of speculation regarding the two gold-jerseys lining up as receivers lately. Coach Dykes says "we're a little beat up" at receiver, which may be, and I admire his ingenuity to roll out a couple potential backup QBs as receivers, but what has interested more than Hinder and Boehm getting WR time is Boehm's role in short-yardage plays (primarily in the redzone) designed for him to run. Here's your answer:

Boehm is the best rushing QB of the Klindergoehm five so he's being used in practice for the plays that this offense is going to run in certain situations. Certain situations in which Kline of Goff (..or Hinder) will be the gameday QB, however Boehm is the best example to get the rest of the offense, and the defense, familiar with how the play can be executed most efficiently. Kline or Goff (..or Hinder) will be running these plays but I think Dykes is using Boehm as the finest example of how the play can be executed for the rest of the players to learn from and adjust to.

Boehm is clearly not going to start at QB. I don't know where he is going to end up. I think Hinder is a better quarterback than Boehm, however he lacks the velocity and touch to compete with Kline and Goff (respectively?). Some of Hinder's screen passes tonight really worried me because I see a cheating CB easily taking some of those to the house (a la Maynard). So I don't see room for four quarterbacks in this system (poor Joey Mahalic).

The Klindergoff discussion poses more questions than answers, so let's avoid that. Hinder is third, I think most of us can agree on that, but let's get to more answers.


It's hard to tell sometimes how good the defense looks when they have to ease up on every "tackle." The defense looks good though.. and not in that Coach Tedford way (when it turned out the offense was just horrible). The offense doesn't look horrible, and sometimes they make the defense look downright terrible.

Tonight, however, Stefan McClure looked good. Picked off a ball by Goff that was preceded by a nice Kam reach-in to break up another redzone attempt by the young Mariner. Treggs also got hit pretty hard by Kam on a ball that Boehm left behind #1. You can tell that Jackson wanted to nail him and I give it to these guys for easing up off the hard hit. I'd want to crush a guy too. These boys love each other (despite the fights) but you can tell the defense really wants to hit 'em in the mouf. (Tomorrow we may see a bit of that aggression taken out) On one play, two OL ended up on their asses.. Kline was in on the play and actually scrambled pretty nicely out to the left.. for a millisecond he seemed like he might have been a bit surprised, but I was really impressed with how he reacted and got a good eight yards, if not the first down, out of the play.

Unrelated, Chris McCain was busting some sweet moves during some of the jams too.

Other than that it's really hard to gauge the defense that much. The DBs get beat all the time, but they also break up a fair amount of passes.. though it's hard to tell if it's a bad route or a bad ball. It's still Spring, dagnabbit. One thing that does concern me though is the tallest receiver on the team:

4. Drake Whitehurst

(Please tell me he is the tallest receiver on the team.. /looks at roster) Drake should be making plays. With his size and his apparent speed, it seems like he should have a shot at every ball thrown his way. He does. He just doesn't snatch 'em in. I really liked Drake's tape. I like seeing transfers succeed. I'm just concerned.. There were at least three balls tonight that he should've had and just couldn't wrangle in. If he can't do it in practice, I'm highly doubtful of his ability to do it in a game.

Treggs, Harris, Harper, Powe, Lawler, Bouza, Espitia, Wark, Davis.. we have great receivers (not counting the tight ends that are now considered receivers!). They must be happy as pigs in filth that that they have so many talented QBs throwing to them during these drills.. you'd think a solidly built 6'6" Junior would be a major threat, but he drops more balls than a juggler with epilepsy. Maybe I just expect too much from these guys.. well, actually, I do expect a lot of them. I want a Rose Bowl and I see a coaching staff and talent that I believe can get us at least pretty close to one, if not a Rose Bowl.

I may be a pumper of sunshine, I may be a guy who's gleaning too much from practices, I may be stoned.. I just see a lot of talented coaches who are really anxious to succeed.. I see a brand of football that is new and exciting, and designed to score a lot of points and win a lot of games. And win a LOT OF GAMES. But anyway.. we all come here for quarterbacks right?

5. Quarterbacks

This is what I know:

  • Jared Goff throws a really accurate ball. Zach Kline throws a really hard ball. (Zach Kline can throw accurately and Jard Goff can throw hard though) Okay.
  • The trash can drill is paying off. Kline, Goff, Hinder and Boehm all throw a beautiful fade over the far shoulder of the receiver (Mahalic throws it short every time). Kline and Goff put it in the same spot but their releases are so dissimilar that the ball looks remarkably different in the air. It's pretty cool.
  • Hinder's screen passes scare me.
  • Goff goes through his reads really well. Both he and Kline are putting the ball right in the receivers' chest/hands over the middle and on shorter slants, but Goff (from what I can see in the stands) seems to scan the field quickly and picks up the open receiver better than Kline. He does throw picks, yes, but his familiarity with this type of system seems to translate into a better understanding of how to find the open receiver. I'm starting to think that Goff looks more on-target than Kline because he's making better reads, whereas Kline has the talent to put the ball there but is making the wrong decisions. I have no idea.. but these are the answers I'm giving you.
  • Klindergoff are really good at short passes and slant routes. Sure, there's no defense sometimes, but if the receiver runs his route the way the coaches planned it, when the QB puts it right in his chest it should be a completion, right? These boys DO put the ball where it can be caught. Remember the fUCLA game last year? Remember how Zach Maynard never replicated that sort of efficiency again? (or ever before) That is the type of offense I expect to see this season. Fast, efficient completions..followed by more of the same.

We have two boys that can accomplish that and we should be very excited. (zoonews did not say that)

  • Boehm went up and got one against Ced on a ball from Kline. That was great. If you haven't been to a practice, and you have the means, I highly recommend it. It's so choice. You get to see stuff like that.

6. Briefly

Running backs are kind of a snoozer. This was the first time I saw Lasco without the gray sweatpants on and, even limited, he looks a lot better than Cop or Ervin. Cop dropped a few on short routes too. My favorite part of watching the backs was this drill early one with Ingram and Bigs beating up on the 30-somethings.



Oh, and I thought this was cool.


*Why is the diphthong oe, which is really just an ö** in German (pronounce it by making an O with your mouth and saying "eee" [you're all trying it aren't you?].. and is also the crossword equivalent of the umlaut in German), pronounced as a long a? (See Wayne Newton's "Dankeschoen")

**Böhm is a German surname meaning Bohemian. Kyle Boehm does not have a wikipedia page!! This is not right.

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