Golden Nuggets: Allan Bridgford Wishes He Had Been Given More of a Chance in 2012, Spring 2013


Bridgford talks about his decision to transfer from Cal, says he wishes he would have been given a longer look from the coaching staff (both Tedford and Dykes) before they decided on another QB.

Allan Bridgford recently spoke to Moraga Bear about his decision to transfer from Cal. It's a lengthy interview and he expresses frustration with decisions from both coaching staffs. He's surprisingly candid, though he may be viewing his own performances through golden sunglasses (who can blame him, though?).

In limited opportunities to observe the quarterback competition, with most of the spring and fall practices closed to the public as well as media, it appeared to many that Bridgford shined brightest during spring practice in 2011 as opposed to last spring, however the senior quarterback clearly feels differently.

"Actually, I think my second spring was better," said Bridgford. "I'd say I was night and day better the second one, actually.

"I might have had a rough day or two when you guys were able to see us but the second spring, the only practices Maynard was at were the three Saturday practices. I took all the other starting reps in the other practices and was doing really well. I wss really confident then and thought I might end up starting. But once the games started, it was all him and I wasn't really doing much so that was kind of tough. I felt like I'd earned the job in the spring and fall.

With Maynard's departure after 2012, Bridgford hoped for the opportunity to retain the starting job he inherited after Maynard went down to a season-ending injury late last season but it became clear early that new head coach Sonny Dykes and offensive coordinator Tony Franklin were going in another direction.

"I just felt that if I stuck around, I wasn't going to get a fair shot to show what I could do just based on what was going on the first few practices," said Bridgford.

"If I had the chance to get enough reps and get in a rhythm and get going, I feel like they would've seen that I was the best guy. But it really evens things out for the other guys when in four practices, I only get limited reps in two. If they're younger, they want to see what they can do and it really benefits the younger guy rather than me.

"I guess you can say that I just wasn't given enough of a chance to see what I can do, you know?," said Bridgford. "But at the same time, I completely respect all the other quarterbacks and think they're all good players."

Best of luck, Bridg.






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