Select a Seat Experience


So by virtue of marrying well I went early this morning in one of the first few groups in the select a seat weekend.

A quick recap so you know what I experienced when I went:

We were asked to show up half an hour early to check in, when we did, there was plenty of parking at the south lot. we walked around, got our sheet and were invited to refreshments in the field club.

We went to the field club and there weren't any refreshments yet, so we wandered out into the stadium bowl. this was apparently discouraged before your time (to let those before you select seats and prevent folks from staking out seats before their time. we got chased back inside after about 15 minutes but on first glimpse our situation did not look good.

We need 6 together, we like our seats but we were looking for an aisle, we saw very few seats available in our section.

So at 10 til, we met in north tunnel for our group's orientation. key points:

  • your renewed seats are yours and unavailable until you pick new seats
  • you have 5 minutes to browse before anyone can pick a seat.
  • in your time group, if more than one person wants the same seats, the person with higher priority points gets dibs.
  • seats with tags on them are available. when someone picks new seats, their old seats will be tagged.
  • similar to last year, you can't leave orphan seats

so we went over and sure enough, there was only one group of 6 available in HH and it was many rows higher than our seats. there were only one aisle seat available but it was not in a large enough group or close enough to our other seats to consider.

So we decided to keep our seats and left.

looking around, there is more inventory the further you get from the center, but in the center sections, there's really limited inventory, and it didn't seem like too many people were changing.


1. I think it's a good sign for ticket sales right now that very few people gave up their tickets.

2. I can see why the don't do this often. I would guess that 90% of the fan base will be in the same seats as last year. it's a big to-do for nothing if you come and can't find better seats.

3. You get to run on the field if you want, so there's that.

4. There were players in the field club hanging out, so there's that.

5. If you don't normally get to go in the field club, you can look around, theres 15 minutes worth of stuff to look at tin there and the hall of fame.

I may post pictures this afternoon as I get time.

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