Apparently Academic Excellence Doesn't Cost Much

Everything reads brilliantly until the last line. Are they really going to get anyone competent for any length of time at that salary?

The First Review Date for this job is: November 3, 2013
Departmental Overview
The Athletic Study Center (ASC) is dedicated to helping student athletes achieve academic excellence. ASC offers a broad range of academic support, advising and tutorial services to over 900 student athletes from 29 sports at the University of California at Berkeley. The Athletic Study Center is located in the Division of Teaching, Learning, Academic Planning and Facilities. ASC employs 15 career employees and 60-80 part time employees (primarily tutors), and has an annual budget of about $1,000,000.

The Athletic Study Center supports student athletes in developing as independent, self-reliant and successful young adults by encouraging them to integrate, participate, and become vested members in the academic community.
Description of Position: This position oversees programs and services designed to support the academic and degree progress of our football team members. Responsibilities emphasize the design and implementation of specific, individualized plans for the development of academic skills, including (but not limited to) reading and writing competencies, time management and enhanced study habits. In addition, the programming provided by this position addresses learning techniques such as note taking and test preparation. This staff person works collaboratively with the Academic Advisor assigned to football on course selection, declaration of degree programs and necessary eligibility requirements. Oversight of tutorial assistance and study hall programs for student-athletes will be core to this position, including both direct provision of tutorial and supervision of tutors (in collaboration with tutorial coordinator). As necessary, this position provides individualized support to selected members of the team.

• Oversees and provides necessary support to the football team, such as tutorial services, study hall, exam preparation, writing skills, etc.
• Identifies individual student needs for appropriate programs and services and develops services to enhance study skills, such as reading, writing, test and note taking.
• Collaborates with Academic Advisor on course selection, and the determination of a designated major, based upon each student’s academic goals, strengths and weaknesses. Reviews alternative academic options, dealing with scheduling conflicts, and similar issues.
• Works with Disability Services Director to provided academic accommodations for students with learning differences.
• Communicates and works with football coaching staff to keep them informed and involved with the academic and degree progress of their student-athletes. Advises and updates coaches on any concerns of truancy, misconduct, or lack of motivation of any football students. Brainstorms remedies and interventions.
• Assist with coordination of football admissions
• Assist the Director of Student Athlete Development in performing various administrative tasks as are appropriate to one’s specific skills and talents.
• Occasionally travels with team to provide academic support, including supervising team study hall, conducting individual tutoring sessions and communicating with team coaching staff on academic matters
Required Qualifications
Required Qualifications:
• Basic knowledge of advising and counseling techniques.
• Knowledge of learning theory and its practical application in competitive settings.
• Knowledge of teaching and learning techniques and strategies.
• Ability to design and execute individualized learning plans for students who need to develop academic skills (reading, research, writing and revision, notetaking, test-taking and preparation, study habits, time management).
• Skills in judgment and decision-making, problem solving.
• Abilities in problem identification, reasoning, ability to develop original idea to solve problems.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills, including active listening.
• Ability to multi-task.
• Knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations, particularly those related to academic support and integrity.
• Must maintain current knowledge of applicable rules and standards of the Pacific-12 Conference, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), as well as other associations and agencies to which the Berkeley campus of the University of California adheres, and, at all times avoid any and all violations of these rules and standards.
Preferred Qualifications
Master’s degree in a related field
Salary & Benefits
Starting annual salary range for this position is $45,000 – $55,000

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