Golden Nuggets: Sonny Dykes "emotionally drained;" Joel Willis has movement in extermities

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Let's see what the team had to say after a nightmarish loss to the Cougars

Well. After an ugly game against Washington State, representatives from the Cal team spoke to the media. Our own Eugene Choo was present to live-tweet the responses, so follow @GoldenBlogs to get this news as it happens.

First up was Head Coach Sonny Dykes, who appears to be shellshocked from our performances this season.

One catalyst for conversation these past two years--for very different reasons each year--has been Brendan Bigelow. Last year, we all saw flashes of brilliance from the Fresno Flash, which left us wanting to see more. This year, his performance has been lackluster at best and outright detrimental to our offense due to unfortunate fumbles.

Dykes also noted we've been forced to burn Cameron Walker's redshirt; Trey Cheek and Darius Allensworth are injured, so they will be redshirtting no matter how thin our secondary gets. This has left us with only three healthy cornerbacks and forced us to consider playing our superstar wide receivers on defense, but they might not be ready according to Defensive Coordinator Andy Buh:

Unfortunately, this is all very disheartening news. Let's try to get a few slivers of good news in, although these both resulted directly from bad news. After foolishly showboating after an interception (and having some words with Dykes, Buh, and Secondary Coach Randy Stewart, safety Michael Lowe was apologetic for his actions.

The best news is that Joel Willis appears to be okay after a scary injury on kickoff coverage.

Cal sophomore cornerback Joel Willis is resting at Highland Hospital following an injury that occurred on the opening second-half kickoff of Cal's game Saturday against Washington State at Memorial Stadium. Willis has movement in all his extremities. He is expected to be held at the hospital overnight and released soon.

Good luck to all the wounded Bears on their roads to recovery.

Update: After correcting and finalizing stats, QB Jared Goff officially holds Cal's single-game record for passing yards with 504, surpassing Pat Barnes, who threw for 503 yards in quadruple overtime in 1996. Thanks to Sam Fielder for pointing this out.

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