DBD 9/7/2012 - Football stadiums! (56k/DSL warning!)

Over the past few years of my fandom, I've had a chance to visit all the original Pac-8 stadiums plus a few others. I'm using this DBD as a place to dump some of the photos from each of the stadiums, offering a look at them for those who have never been there.

Discussion Questions:

1) What stadiums, aside from Memorial, have you visited?

2) Which is your favorite? Which is your least favorite?

3) What stadium would you like to visit that you haven't already?

4) Isn't new Memorial sexy?

Minnesota (TCF Bank Stadium):

526j3_medium Obbrx_mediumNwt7l_medium

It's really not that impressive. Yet another stadium. That's all. Nice video board though.

Oregon (Autzen Stadium)

Vjfpf_medium 8swcf_medium Xqiul_medium Jmast_medium

Man this place can get loud

Oregon State (Reser Stadium)

Lgbxe_medium Mrwsu_medium Gwbvg_medium Otc7v_medium

It's a small but intimate stadium. I don't know why but I find it charming. And the all the orange is kinda nice.

Washington (Husky Stadium)

Q9iez_medium Trlbj_medium Kd8jd_medium Tu70q_medium

The first picture is of Lake Washington. The stadium sits right next to it. I bet To$h's boat is there now.

Washington State (Martin Stadium)

Gmdqw_mediumUnfhu_medium Hrato_medium Lgzo8_medium

By far the smallest in the Pac, and the one that most closely resembles a high school field. That said, I kinda like Pullman. And Ferdinand's (the ice cream shop on campus) is to die for. At least they have a nice video board.

USC (Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum)

Ntldv_mediumAxijd_medium R4i49_medium Whvwp_medium

By far the most epic (especially when the Olympic torch is lit in the 4th quarter), but also the shittiest visitor section seats ever.

UCLA (Rose Bowl)

Hwtfw_medium 4lmhx_medium Jidrc_medium T0v7s_medium

This never felt all that "historic" to me. But it might have something to do with the fact that a Dorrell lead UCLA team beat us.

Furd (The Soulless Stadium ©)

Isaff_medium Aii2d_medium Gfgqj_medium

When they say this is a tin box with no soul, they mean it. Of course I always love hearing the Cal visiting section louder than the home fans. Too bad that the two years I've been there (2007 and 2011) have been shitty defeats. I will, however, always enjoy this pic:


Candlestick Park


I've been here for Niners games but I don't have any pics. Just a bunch from our game last year. I don't like it. I can't wait for the new one in Santa Clara.

AT&T Park (Emerald Bowl)

Most of us have probably been here so I won't post pictures from last year. Instead here's two from the Emerald Bowl as seen from the student section

Eyxei_medium Xwv8h_medium

Holiday Bowl (Qualcomm Stadium)

I really enjoyed my trip to San Diego. I conveniently forget the game of course.

Mkfja_medium Uthcf_medium K5cqq_medium

And of course...

California (Memorial Stadium)

Nteiw_medium Enqg4_medium Cpr6f_medium

Man our new stadium is awesome!

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