The Pac-12 Family: ASU and UA

This is the second in a twelve part series on the mythical origin of each Pac-12 school . . . up next: the Arizona State Sun Devil and the Arizona Wildcat. (Part 1: USC)

In a land far away from where the Golden Bear, Indian, and Trojan were living, there was a desert on the other side of the River Colorado that was under the rule of King Brechler I, in the realm of WAC. Here, the gods placed two new figures to civilize the people of the desert and bring them out of the darkness: the Sun Devil of Arizona State and the Wildcat of Arizona. During their time under the rule of Brechler, the Sun Devil and the Wildcat saw great success and were able to win the crown of the realm a combined 47 times. During all of this however, the Sun Devil and and Wildcat looked towards the Pacific Coast with envy when they saw all of the success that surrounded the Golden Bear and to a lesser extent, the Indian and Trojan.

Eventually, the Golden Bear and his colleagues took pity on the Sun Devil and Wildcat, and in the great year of 1978, they invited the two into their elite fraternity. A young eagle that called himself the Ute begged the Sun Devil and Wildcat take him with them, but the two desert dwellers turned their back on the young lad and left him in the realm of WAC.


The Wildcat and the Sun Devil abandoning the Ute in the realm of WAC.

The Sun Devil and Wildcat were not able to duplicate all of the success they had in their old realm once they were among the company of the Golden Bear, Indian, and Trojan. There were indeed some moments where the two beings from the desert would show off their true potential, but they would often slip back into irrelevance. The Wildcat never found all too much success on the field of battle, but was able to find some power on the court of wood. The dastardly desert cat was able to do this after luring the evil wizard Miller into his clutches. While the evil wizard did not (and still does not) understand the strategy of battle on the court of wood, he was able to help lead the Wildcat to success thanks to his dark power: the evil wizard has the ability to melt the brains of the greatest young warriors in order to convince them to compete on the court of wood for him. In recent years, the Wildcat has had some success against the Golden Bear because of the evil wizard's brain-melting power. However, there is hope that with great warriors choosing to fight under the banner of the Golden Bear of their own free will, that the Golden Bear will be able to take down the Wildcat on the court of wood in the coming months.


The Wildcat welcoming in the dark wizard.

While the Wildcat has been quite a nuisance to the Golden Bear, it was the Sun Devil that was able to take some power from the Californian in a desperate attempt to gain power of its own. Not all too long ago, the Golden Bear had recruited a fellow by the name of Snyder who helped the him gain back some of his glory that he had lost after his last appearance in the Bowl of Roses. The Golden Bear was taking revenge up and down the Pacific coast for all of those that had laughed at him during the previous three decades. Taking notice that the Golden Bear was gaining some of its power back, the dark forces in the world sent an incompetent, mindless ignoramus by the name of Bockrath to dismantle everything that the Golden Bear and Snyder had worked for. Unfortunately for the Golden Bear, Bockrath succeeded in sending Snyder away from the Golden Bear's sphere of influence.

The Sun Devil saw this as an opportunity to gain some of the power that the Golden Bear had lost because of the dark power of the ignoramus. The Sun Devil brought in the cast-away Snyder, and with him came some of the Golden Bear's great power. Snyder helped lead the Sun Devil to the Bowl of Roses just a few years later. Absolutely stunned and distraught with the development in the desert, the Golden Bear and his legions of followers drank themselves into such a stupor that the dark forces were able to infiltrate once again. Unfortunately for the Golden Bear, this infiltration started one of the darkest moments in California's history: the Holmoecaust.


The beginning of the Holmoecaust . . .

The few followers of the Golden Bear that were able to resist the temptation of intoxication were able to cast a spell on the Sun Devil to keep him from being successful in the future. Those loyal followers wanted to make sure that the Sun Devil would never be able to take the Golden Bear's power again, and that Sun Devil would not be able to keep the power that it had taken from the Golden Bear. The spell also made it much harder for the Sun Devil to defeat the Golden Bear on the field of battle. Even during the dark years of the Holmoecaust, the Golden Bear was able to defeat the Sun Devil more often than not. The last time the Sun Devil was able to beat the Golden Bear in its glorious home in the Canyon of Strawberries was many a year ago when the Sun Devil still had the support of the great Snyder. Also, because of the spell, only once in the past decade has the Sun Devil beaten the Golden Bear. That one failure happened in the Devil's lair in the valley of the sun, and was during the curséd collapse that was caused by a large, river-dwelling rodent. Now, the Sun Devil feels as if the spell is wearing off and that he should be able to defeat the Golden Bear in the Canyon of Strawberries this Saturday. The Golden Bear, however, does not believe that the spell is wearing off and will continually remind the Devil, that the Canyon of Strawberries is BEAR TERRITORY.

Go Bears!

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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