tOSU's 3rd Down Bells and Noise Level

My wife and I attended the game this past Saturday. The atmosphere was incredible. Our walk to the Horseshoe, while daunting due to the suffocating dearth of blue and gold, was very cool. Once we arrived at our seat in 9B, it was made clear once again, that we were two fans out of maybe a couple hundred that were not rooting for the home team.

Once the game began, and particularly when we were on offense, you could really understand how the decibel level might drown out on-field signals/commands/etc. Surprisingly, our bears handled it quite well, particularly down the stretch. During kickoffs they play The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army (they must have only received the rights to the first 15-20 secs). During these moments, the entire stadium is fairly pumped. I have been to the Coliseum, the Rose Bowl (not during a Rose Bowl...sigh) and the Farm though, so I do not have much against which to compare it.

However, the Buckeyes have another moment during games, one that I would submit rivals the annoyance of the Trojan's fight song. On defensive third downs, every tOSU defensive third down, no matter the feel or momentum of the game, these bells ring 2-3 times - loud, booming, deep bells like a door bell or grandfather clock in your head. Everyone stands up. Everyone - young and old, men and women, children, etc. (They also stand up to do every chant, in unison, every time, no matter what is happening in the game - O-H-I-O...ugh).

I find this third down thing interesting because they do not seem to care as much about First, Second or Fourth downs. So, when we were moving the ball fairly well, we were pleased not to hear this bell and everyone screaming (everyone) on all but third downs. It was pretty quiet, comparatively during these other downs. I would almost equate their third downs to when we clap, clap clap, faster and faster before a defensive stand...but we do that on every defensive down, particularly during more important moments of the game.

I will say, there was nothing better than the crowd-silencing effect caused by both of Bigelow's touchdowns - particularly the second one. They all shut up finally and were scratching their heads, looking around, looking at was great.

Did anyone else that attended this game have similar or different thoughts on these third down situations?

Comparing it to other games - I was at the first big game win after Holmoe, the '03 SC game, the 13-15 Oregon game, and various others, and this one was not quite at that level (maybe closer if we had pulled it off (TD removed due to penalty! 9 in missed FGs!)).

Despite the suspect pass d, o-line, kicking and injuries, this was an awesome game to see in person.

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