DBD 8.06.2012 Lurk lurk lurk

It’s late. I hosted a sushi party that was far more involved than complicated than anticipated. And there are a lot of you. I originally planned to do a fairly comprehensive stalker lurking diary, but I want to go to bed. So, here’s a brain dump of some notable CGB memories that stand out right now, mostly from before I started commenting, with some assistance from awkwardturtle (who was really of very little help). Apologies in advance to all the regulars who I've left out, consider yourself temporarily spared from having your old revelations dragged out again.

A few general thoughts to start. Remember:

  • when carp posted all the other links?
  • when Ohio Bear used to work one office down from CALumbusBear?
  • when zoonews wasn’t plural?
  • the first Your California?
  • the great politics ban?
  • PSoCY?
  • danzig, Thoroughbred, Maharg, rollonubears, HolmoePhobe, Olsonist, chowder, giantfan5, since1997, solarise, 33SwisherSweet?


  • Looking to evict your grandmother
  • Talks like that in real life.


  • Bed
  • Boobs
  • Baby (and another after tOSU?)
  • Band
  • Business Administration, Master of
  • Doctor Who (oops, combo breaker)


  • Writes good
  • Knows too much about planes
  • Bad at keeping proposals a secret from the Internet


  • Lived out his road to consultancy online


  • _____ Carp____
  • Tailgated at LHS


  • Will show us a slideshow of his life and tell us the story of his life on a regular basis.
  • But especially about Malawi

Fire Starkey

  • Mother-in-law
  • Jack?


  • Has experience forging gold
  • Best of the Bay
  • Enjoys fishing, but has terrible luck with boats/trailers/weather


  • Traveled the elevators and camped out reading a book in the lobby for love
  • Worked with important NBA folks with a lot of bling


  • Dolphin lover
  • EECS grad
  • Real-name leaker


  • Very harsh about using real names
  • MBA’ed and working in health care


  • Lemon drop
  • Cheddar cheese and beer soup
  • Bolani Hotness
  • Holi


  • Dislikes Indians
  • Is Indian


  • Scooter
  • Party planned at Oracle
  • Vacations everywhere I want to be, but with a different card
  • Smart one in the family, along with her grandmother

More thoughts may occur to me, and I'll try to get links after I nap (if no one else beats me to it), after I nap.

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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