Cal Football Fan Appreciation Day 2012 Photo Essay (Part 2)

And... Part 2! Part 1 ended just outside the line to see Keenan Allen and Coach Tedford. Needing some fresh air, I wandered back to the friendly atmosphere of Spieker Plaza.

The flag wavers came out and started practicing their flag waving; they actually kept it going for quite some time. Meanwhile, sugar-rushed kids were burning their energy in a Cal-themed bounce house. I would like one of those at my next birthday party.


After the jump... more pictures!

So what's left? Players signing autographs! And fans asking for them. Most people were having posters signed, like this girl casually talking to Cedric Dozier while Bryce Treggs and Chris Harper share the bench. It was cool to see the freshman hanging out together, even if Bryce looks like he's about to sign his knee.


Here's Adrian Lee ready to sign. The players all had different colored sharpies. I was sorta counting on the players have the same silver-gray sharpies that they had on Cal day because those showed up equally well on gold and blue. I brought my navy blue cap in the hopes of getting (more) signatures on it, but all the players had darker colored markers, so I didn't bother.


These posters are everywhere! James Grisom's signing another poster while Nathan Phillip looks on.


It's interesting how different players sign autographs. Puka Lopa writes on his knee.


This fan is thrilled to have Chris McCain signing this autograph. He Had a Cal football, too! I have no idea where he got it or if they were handing them out.


I really like this staring contest. Is that Jackson Bouza?


Todd Barr writes on his hand for autographs as he finds space on this well-decorated poster.


Jeffrey Coprich hands the staring contest kid an autograph. I bet the kid really wants Coprich's backpack.


Here's Brennan Scarlett readjusting his hat while Todd Barr chats behind him.


And Brendan Bigelow shaking hands with a fan.


Allan Bridgford shows off his posture as he posing for pictures with a fan.


I wonder if less people than they expected showed up, because at about 2:00 pm, they lowered the price of hot dogs to $1 each. I wasn't the only one to take advantage of their generous offer; Kendrick Payne was equally delighted.


All the hot dogs were on wheat buns, which I thought was a good call. Here are Kyle Boehm and Brendan Keeney discussing the merits of wheat buns over white.


The seniors finally got out to Spieker Plaza towards the end of the day! Aaron Tipoti looks like the entire team planned on bringing their skateboards out except they all canceled and Aaron was the only one who didn't get the memo.


Zach Maynard reacts to seeing how much better it is outdoors than in.


This guy swears there's still room on his football for Aaron Tipoti's signature.


C.J. Anderson must have been tired from signing all those autographs indoors because here he looks a little surprised...


...Or maybe he's just a little hesitant about using a fan's back as a table.


Shortly after the seniors came out, things started to wind down. Fans started to leave, players got shuttled into their bus, tents came down, hot dogs were given away for free. The cannoneers were quite sad to see everyone go. But why is one of them holding cash?!?! I think there is more to cannoneering than meets the eye.


This must be the official cannon-mobile. The cannon was one of the last things to go. Here it's being secured before moving it to its top secret storage facility.


Now why is Oski eating ground? DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM?!!?!?!


No! It's just the end of Fan Appreciation Day! Inflatable Oski had to come down eventually. All in all it was an awesome afternoon! Everyone was excited and happy; it was just great. I hope you enjoyed these pictures. GO BEARS!!!!

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