2012 Women's Huddle Roundtable

Welcome to the Women’s Huddle Roundtable 2012! We’re back and more [offensive] effusive than ever. In the time that it’s taken to get this together I’ve seen the quick pace of the media; I’ve already been scooped by Scootie and her photos on the DBD. On this post we’ve got a slightly different cast of characters: me, SmartHotFun, Aee07, Classof87, and Calnet. (All photo credits to SmartHotFun)

SmartHotFun: One of my long-held life philosophies is: Damn, it’s good to be a woman. And while before last Thursday I thought multiple orgasms and being ultimately responsible for all human life was pretty sick, I hadn’t yet realized one of the greatest perks of owning a set of organically grown boobs: The Cal Women’s Huddle.

Andbears: So it was a little different this year. We couldn't go onto the field (the last pic I saw they had just put down concrete blogs to weight down the turf) so we got to really play in the SAHP.

SmartHotFun: Here are my top 5 reasons why the Cal Women’s Huddle reinforced my feeling that it’s damn good to be a lady. #5 The In-Depth Tour of the Simpson Center I don’t know how many other Cal fans are going to get the chance to sit in the seats players use to learn their battle plan for the year. I’m not sure how many other fans will get to read the inspirational quotes on the wall, or see the mural of Cal players who have made it the NFL. I definitely don’t know which Cal fans will get the chance to grace the locker room.

Because I have a uterus, I was able to do all that. With a fish taco in my belly and glass of wine in my hand.

Andbears: Mmmmm... they do eat well. They have a full kitchen and video screens EVERYWHERE. So this huddle was less tackling and more "hydrating".

Aee07: Yeah I really thought they focused more on the "hydrating" this year. I thought it was funny when they actually brought pitchers of beer into the Ashley Ambrose station. It was really nice to see the performance center, it made the destruction of the oak trees worth it.

Andbears: I would have been happy to chop down the (already sick, landscape planted) oak trees just to watch the tears on Dumpster Muffin's face. On the other hand, I felt maybe they underestimated what a hundred drunk ladies can do to a brand new facility even if they mostly had us watching films...

Classof87: Some coaches really want to talk football to everyone, and some just want to show film (tight end coach, plus he showed film of Tavecchio...) like a lame substitute high school teacher. Other guys were really passionate about teaching football skills, even to people who would never play the game. I also thought it was interesting several coaches talked about player safety. I think there's a large contingent of players' moms at the huddle and it sounded like they were reassuring them that their kids are being taken care of. I'm really hoping next year we'll be back on the field throwing, kicking and catching. Although being in the gym was cool and they did let us use the ergs (rowing machines).

Calnet: That Tavecchio video was a lowlight for sure, but I did enjoy sitting on the sweet leather couch in that room. It was kind of cool getting to learn more X's and O's this year, but I will also be happy to get back to kicking field goals and catching touchdown passes out on the field next year.

SmartHotFun: Reason #4 why the Cal Women’s Huddle reinforced my feeling that it’s damn good to be a lady. Meeting Jeff Tedford and the Cal Coaching Staff. Because I menstruate every 31 days like clockwork, I finally got to thank Coach Tedford for repairing the damage done to me by Tom Holmoe my freshman year at Cal. May I say that he is as classy in person as he appears in press conferences, and has one killer set of calves to boot.

Being born with a clitoris means I also got to drink with and learn from a staff of pretty incredible coaches. (Oh, and did I also mention I got to wear a SuperBowl ring? Yeah. That happened too.)

AndBears: Superbowl ring - serious highlight of the night. It’s so big! (Obvious joke is obvious, fellas). Thanks to the coaches, I always learn SO MUCH at the huddles. Seeing the intellectual side of football is a pretty awesome perk. Love the Ref too - this is the point when I start to see them as good people with a tough job of protecting the kids and the integrity of play. Which lasts until the half at the first game, and then the expletives start.

Calnet: That ref is great. My favorite part was when he let us throw the flag around. I was also really interested to learn this year's new rules, especially all the new stuff to try and prevent helmets from coming off.

AndBears: Quick notes from my iphone (Thanks autocorrect, BAH):

Ron Gould, encouraging effort by getting the players to imagine they’re hurting our mothers, Wolf= weak outside any good play take 11 people -General plan -wolf- then give specificity by defense more concepts with different looks -- Kicking journal -- Defensive back- Gotta touch the breastplate (Ashley Ambrose) -- Linebacker coach (qb of defense) not as athletic, it is the leadership of defense. Violent, physical position but safe (defense can wrap up). Grip strength is important for D-Line -- hand to man.

Medroom is football only room. Ice prevents breakdown of muscle tissue on molecular level. Has underwater treadmill. 36 million dollar full doctors office - btw Orleans saints, illegalally handing out narcotics. Antigravity treadmill

Unintentional knowledge? Shane Vereen’s phone number, accidentally left on the whiteboard. Jason Gibson CJ Anderson, you should have known better but you do a good Vanna White.You can tell this was popular with all the ladies.

(Please do not post Shane Vereen’s phone number, this is NOT encouraged by California Golden Blogs and could be quite dangerous)

SmartHotFun: #3 Coming Together With Other Lady Cal Fans. Estrogen was one reason for the evening, and it made the evening quite pleasant. There were Lady Cal fans of all ages at this event, and may I just say that they were some of the most vibrant, exciting ladies I’ve been around in while. Maybe it was the bottomless wine … but I like to think it’s more than that.

SmartHotFun: #2 Getting Up Close and Personal with Players. No words are necessary for this other than: Thank you wide-set pelvis.

Classof87: I always like talking to players about what they're studying, what are their future plans. It makes me feel better when I objectify them later...

CalNet: My vote for cutest player goes to Jackson Bouza. Honorable mention for Nick Forbes. All of the players were super nice and great sports, as always.

Andbears: So I'm looking over my photos and by far thought that I keep coming back to is 'Why are they letting us do this?!' Such amazing facilities and such talented coaches and fun athletic guys and they're letting us climb all over them! And touching it all! Fantastic.

Aee07: It amazes me that they let intoxicated women near their players. My favorite part was in the Ashley Ambrose section where he talked about touching players breast plates. Then we went down to the hydration station to hang out with some players. Nick Forbes was nice enough to let me touch his breast plate. He was the coolest guy at the event and definitely one of the most outgoing. I think they did a good job of picking star players and outgoing players. The stars are cool and all, but the players who really hang out with the women make the huddle fun.

SmartHotFun: Reason #1 Why the Cal Women’s Huddle reinforced my feeling that it’s damn good to be a lady.Breaking Up The CGB Sausage Fest. Seriously guys? It’s 2012. Having a femme focus on the blog - let’s do this more than once a year.

Classof87: I loved the recruiting video, really interesting to see how they sell the school. It's such a great event, I am so pumped up for football season!

Aee07: I missed not being out on the field, but kind of glad we got to see the performance center. While at the event I just kept thinking how jealous all the blog writers must be. We get to ogle and hang out with the players. During the season we can talk about touching Nick Forbes breast plate, while the writers spend all their time writing about watching them play. They will never get the chance to know what a footballs player breast plate feels like. =(. And having Shane Vereen's phone number is awesome and not creepy at all.

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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