London 2012 Olympic Games: Open Thread for 7/28/2012

After being quite busy the past two Olympics, Natalie Coughlin's lone appearance in the Olympics is today (W 4x100 Free relay, and she is probably only swimming the prelim). So far in her career, she has gotten 11 medals in 11 events, will she get number 12 today? (probably yes, the more interesting answer may be what kind?). GO BEARS!

After yesterday's interesting Opening Ceremony, the London 2012 Games are in full action. Women's soccer continues their group play (how many goals will Alex Morgan score today?). The rowing heats have begun. The super busy swimming schedule also kicks off today with both prelim and finals in several events, including the only appearance of Cal/USA/Olympics great Natalie Coughlin and a possible first ever medal for current Bear, Caitlin Leverenz. Again, you can track the Calympians' upcoming schedule in this CGB calendar. GO BEARS!

How to watch: Info about the TV broadcast will be provided along with links to the NBC online stream (particularly for the prelim events). Online stream may require login in with your (or a friend/relative's) cable TV info.

Note: Online links should also be good for replays that won't be aired in prime-time, which NBC has so generously pulled. I love NBC.


Learn more about the Calypians by clicking on their names to open their CGB profile.

2012_summer_olympics_gold_medal_medium indicates that the medals will be awarded at the end of the event. Click on the picture to see a bigger image of what the athletes are gunning for (image courtesy of Wikipedia).

W. Rowing Quad Sculls 1:50 AM Kara Kohler (USA)
M. Rowing Eights 2:10 AM Mike Teti (US coach), Zach Vlahos (US), Olivier Siegelaar (Netherlands)
W. Swimming 100 Fly 2:26 AM Dana Vollmer (USA), Hannah Wilson (Hong Kong), Sara Isakovic (Slovenia)
M. Swimming 400 Free 2:52 AM Dominik Meichtry (Switzerland)
W. Swimming 400 IM 3:17 AM Caitlin Leverenz (USA)
M. Rowing Quad Sculls 3:30 AM Elliot Hovey (USA)
M. Swimming 100 Breast 3:52 AM Damir Dugonjic (Slovenia), Martin Liivamagi (Estonia)
M. Rowing Pair 4:00 AM Scott Frandsen (Canada)
W. Swimming 400 Free relay 4:16 AM Natalie Coughlin (USA), Jessica Hardy (USA)
W. Soccer New Zealand vs. Brazil 6:30 AM NBC Sports Betsy Hassett (New Zealand)
W. Soccer USA vs. Colombia 9:00 AM NBC Sports Alex Morgan (USA)
W. Swimming 100 Fly 11:40 AM Dana Vollmer (USA), Hannah Wilson (Hong Kong), Sara Isakovic (Slovenia) Semifinal
W. Swimming 400 IM 12:09 PM Caitlin Leverenz (USA) 2012_summer_olympics_gold_medal_medium
M. Swimming 100 Breast 12:30 PM Damir Dugonjic (Slovenia), Martin Liivamagi (Estonia) Semifinal
W. Swimming 400 Free Relay
12:50 PM Natalie Coughlin (USA), Jessica Hardy (USA) 2012_summer_olympics_gold_medal_medium

Looking at the NBC schedule for the West Coast, Swimming (probably taped delayed) is schedule from 11-11:45 AM and 1:30-2:30 PM. Rowing is schedule for 2:30-3 PM. Primetime coverage, starting at 8 PM, will probably include replays of the finals.

Discuss today's actions in the comments. We will try to update the entry list for the evening's semifinal and final races whenever possible (after the jump). GO BEARS!


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