Open Letter to Marshawn

Via Metta Chronicles

Dear Marshawn,

First off, I just want to say that I’m not coming to you as a Cal Alum. Not as a fan. Not someone who was inspired by your ability to ghostride the whip, so I’m not trying to go all hyphy on you, but Marshawn I’m concerned for you. I really am. I’ve watched in complete awe of your ability to go into beastmode, but I worry about your off-the-field problems.

Recently, you were arrested for driving under the influence while cruising thru the East Bay, probably listening to some E-40 or something. If this was your first, while I’d still be disappointed in you for not being responsible, I could see it being a terrible decision. However, since this is not your first brush with the law, I’m frightened about your future.

You have multiple run-ins with the law, dating back to when you were still a student at Berkeley. You were accused by your former lady friend of sexual assault right after declaring from the draft. I believe your innocence in this matter, the Marshawn I know wouldn’t dare take some cookies without getting permission. I’ll give you a slide on this, but at this point you should have surrounded yourself with a better group of friends, a posse if you will. Maybe the guy who makes your grills.

You were drafted by the Bills and were instantly loved by all Buffalonians, even enjoying their fine cuisine. However, you had yourself a stellar rookie campaign, becoming the first Bills rookie to rush for 1,000 yards since George Bell. Thurman Thomas nor Willis Mcgahee accomplished those feats. However, after the season you hit a drunk, crazy, dancing chick who was in the middle of the street. While you probably felt horrible about the situation, it’s not your bad. Some chick was sipping that goose and you happened to be at the right place at the wrong time. For all we know, you were probably just driving back from a quiet night at the library studyingfiner etiquette. You still had to plead guilty to driving negligently, let’s be real you were practicing your skittles celebration. I’ll let this one slide as well, everyone loves skittles.

However, after having an oustanding sophomore season where you “balled out”, finishing with over 1,300 total yards and 9 tds. You went to the pro-bowl Marshawn, one of the league’s best backs, but you made your biggest mistake. Just three days after making that trip to Honolulu, you were arrested in Culver City after police officers found a loaded gun in your car after investigating the vehicle due to the pungent smell of the reef. Marshawn, what are you doing with a gun? While you managed to get the felony weapon charge reduced to three misdemeanors (the glory of the all-power dollar), you still plead guilty to one of the charges. But c’mon man, you’re like a cartoon character, the hyphy kids love you bro. Why set a bad example for them?

This incidentd you to being suspended by Roger Goodell for 3 games, during which you lost your starting position to undrafted free agent Fred Jackson. You had a dismal 450 yards rushing off of 120 attempts, child’s play for the man who regularly is capable of going into beastmode. The 2010 season was more of the same, even though you were elevated to starting back over Jackson, you still averaged just over 40 yards rushing a game.

Glory came out of nowhere, you were given a second chance after Bills’ management gave up on you, the once great Golden Bear. You were traded back to the West, but this time fairly north of the Bay, where you played under Pete “Big Balls” Carroll, the former head coach of the team that caused us Bears so much distrust whenever we played them in Octobers. While you were slow to adjust, averaging just 3.5 ypc. Having former college teammate and friend Justin Forsett must have rubbed off on you, because you almost single handily took down the defending superbowl champions in the playoffs, despite having a loosing record.

The run sent you into lore, beastmode went from being a bay area hyphy slang into a nation-wide movement. I had friends all around the country suddenly telling me Marshawn is an animal, someone whocannot be stopped. You capitalized on the 2011 playoffs by having a comeback season, making the probowl and seemingly become one of a handful of running backs to making both the NFC and the AFC squad at some point in their career (the last I remember off the top of my head was Marshall Faulk, can you remember anyone else?). You signed a four year $31 million dollar extension to stay close to the border.

Barely after the ink had dried, this past Saturday, you were arrested for the aforementioned DWI. C’mon Marshawn! Have you not learned from your previous mistakes, your past digressions. Look at your Jamarcus, yes that Jamarcus, the former 1st overall pick and huge bust for the East Bay’s own, Oakland Raiders. Look where all his problems landed him… out of the league and sipping on the syrup.

Marshawn, I’m doneplaining myself. We all love you, you have an God given talent to produce on the football gridiron. Seattle needs you Marshawn, and now it looks like you could still be headed for another suspension, regardless of what your agent will claim. Goodell plays judge, jury and executioner, and he may be out to make an example Marshawn. You should have been more careful, why wouldn’t you hire a driver (side point: all athletes/celebrities should never drink and drive, no matter how much. Get a Turtle).

From my understanding, when I was a student at Cal, athletes were helped to become productive members of society. Marshawn, you even claim to be an owner of a 3.2 GPA while a student at Berkeley. Show it. Prove it. You can still be yourself, you can still eat the skittles and go into regular beast mode. For hell’s sake, keep going hyphy and enjoy yourself. Just stop doing stupid things Marshawn. The Seahawks need you, because god knows how awful that team is without you. They have a decent, young offensive line but without you it’s just 3 back up QB’s handing off Leon Washington and throwing to a bunch of crappy receivers. I’ll even go a step further, the NFL needs you. You’re a vibrant, colorful player who makes the game fun to watch. One final step Marshawn, I need you. Selflessly, I brag about your abilities, the fact that I went to the same school as you. By the way, Jason Kidd step your game up bro, you don’t need to get DWI’s in the Hamptons. Once again, you can afford a Turtle.

I don’t care what you do Marshawn, but you need to get some help before it’s too late. Get a new crew, maybe start drinking skittle smoothies instead of some drank. Maybe go back to Berk during the offseasons and finish that degree (it’s not like the Seahawks will be playing in February anytime soon). You can even enjoy a nice drink at Kips or Bears Layer, I’m sure Tony the bouncer at Kips will comp you. Maybe settle down, get yourself a wifey and have her pop out some kids for you to play with in a backyard or something. Do anything, except get into more trouble. Please Marshawn, before it’s too late.

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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