CGB Best Of 2011:  Football

BERKELEY CA - NOVEMBER 13: Isi Sofele #20 of the California Golden Bears enters the stadium for their game against the Oregon Ducks at California Memorial Stadium on November 13 2010 in Berkeley California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Let's look at the 2011 Best Of links. We had a lot, because I believe that the writers on the staff here do amazing work. I'm not going to include myself in that, because I have to have some amount of self-control. And I barely write anything these days, which is great for everybody's sanity! But I am continually in awe of the writers who continue to produce such high quality work here at CGB.

This post is the football links. Wrapping up the 2010 season and previewing/experiencing the 2011 season. Tons of great posts for you guys to enjoy! We'll run through all the links in about 4-5 posts and then have a page with all of them, so they will be easier to find. Check out the links after the jump. Many thanks to Vincent S for helping organize these Best Of links. GO BEARS!

2010 Football Postseason

More 2010 Post-Season Thoughts

Reviewing 2010 Season Expectations

Recomputing 2010 QB Efficiency Rates

Ranking 2010 QBs based on Adjusted Yards Per Attempt

2011 Football Preseason

The Art Of College Football Scheduling

Memorial Stadium Experience

The Need For Lockerroom Leadership

Predicting 2011's Best QB

Cal Football Spring Recap

Predicting the 2011 Season

Pac 12 Media Day: Jeff Tedford

Pac 12 Media Day Recap and Photos
Tedford and Barbour at the ESP Dinner

Predicting the 2011 Season

Cal vs. Fresno State: Venue and Ticket Prices

Cal @ AT&T Park: Q & A

Depth Chart Review

Sacramento Report: Jeremy Ross Receives Bates Award

2011 Football Season

Sacramento Report: Preseason, Previewing the Season and the Bulldogs, Pendergast/Colorado,Blue Hose, SAHPC/Washington, Thursday Night Games/Oregon, Midseason Recruiting/USC, Secondary Success/AD/Utah, Wins Cure All?/UCLA, Roxy/Basketball/Washington State, Big Game Controversies

Wisdom of the Crowds: Oregon vs. Utah

HydroTech's (mostly) Postgame Thoughts: Fresno State, Colorado, Presbyterian,Washington, Oregon, USC, Utah, UCLA, Washington State, Oregon State, Stanford, Arizona State, Holiday Bowl

Cal @ Colorado: A Trip Report

Cal Athletics Answers CGB Re: Online Streaming of Presby @ Cal

Guest Blogger: Andy Smith and Jeff Tedford

CJ Anderson vs Isi Sofele at the UW goaline

Cal vs Washington Playcalling Roundtable

Cal vs Oregon: The Uniforms

Formidable Opponent: How to Turn the Season Around

Cal Football To Be Closed To The Public

Cal Football: Senior Appreciation

2011 Football Postseason

Pac-12 Bowl Predictions

Cal Will Play Texas In The Holiday Bowl

First Look

A History of Cal vs Texas (1 2)

Five Stats about Texas

Talking with Burnt Orange Nation

This Holiday Bowl is Tearing at the Very Fabric of our Existence!

Preview: Special Teams

Frost-Nixon, Cal-Texas

Dear Texas: It's Not You, It's Us

Texas Longhorns Pass Defense

Football Analysis

Trojan Horsed

Cal vs USC 2010: Pass Defense
Jeff Tedford, Master and Commander

Cal vs Oregon 2010: Man Coverage

Cal vs Oregon 2010: Mirroring the Ducks

Cal vs Oregon 2010: Chess Match

Cal vs Oregon 2010: Cameron Jordan Reads Oregon's Offense

Is Coach Tedford's Playbook Too Complex? (1 2 3 4)

Glory and Gaffe: Tale of One Play

Cal vs Oregon 2011: Highs and Lows

Cal vs USC 2011: Goal Line Stand

Football Golden Spotlight: Isi Sofele vs Oregon State, Defensive Dominance vs Utah, Zach Maynard vs Stanford, Tedford's New Offense vs Arizona State, Tedford's New Offense vs Fresno State, Defensive Schemes vs Colorado, CJ Anderson vs Washington, UCLA Bruins Pistol,Run Game vs Washington State, Oregon Ducks Defense, Evolving Offense vs Utah

Film Study: Chip Kelly vs Clancy Pendergast Part 1, Fake Jet Sweep Play Design, Playside Zone Read, Check-With-Me Option, Kelly vs Pendergast Part 2

Why Shane Vereen is an Awesome Running Back

Analysis Of Cameron Jordan's Swim Move

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