Hail to Oski - Cal Wins in a Presidents' Day Weekend Landslide

And that my friends is how one school dominates a weekend. In 21 athletic competitions this weekend, your sturdy Golden Bears went 18-3! And, AND the Pac 12 Player of the Week in basketball is Justin Cobbs... and not to be outdone Layshia Clarendon was named conference Player of the Week for the women! UPDATE: Add in Player of the Week awards to Softball's Valerie Arioto, Zsofi Susanyi in Women's Tennis, Lacrosse's Melissa Humphrey and Breda Vosters in Water Polo!!! EPIC EPIC EPIC!!!!

So let's do a quick rundown... Baseball swept 3 games from UoP. Golf, in a really tough gig, won their tournament in Hawaii, winning each of the three days. Men's Gymnastics beat Stanfurd down on The Farm. Rugby defeated worthy nemesis BC in thrilling competition on non-Bay-Bridge-Accessible Treasure Island. Oh Swimming and Diving, and Tennis... you'll get them next time! I know you will! Women's Basketball swept the Oregons on the road! You all need to get to the game this week to see the magic that Coach Gottlieb is working! Women's Golf thumped Stanfurd! Lacrosse beat St. Mary's 18-6. Women's Water Polo throttled SJSU 8-3... And mighty Softball... Oh my how Softball simply bulldozed the competition in Las Vegas, winning their 4 games by a combined score of 33-3!

And then there was Men's Basketball beating Oregon in a heart stopping thriller on Thursday and then beating Oregon State on Saturday night sending out seniors Harper Kamp and Jorge Gutierrez in style. One of the high points being this raucous Haas Pavilion salute to Jorge (Jorge Jorge Jorge. Jorge. Jorge!). So, so much good about this. Our micman Aaron does a GREAT job with the Jorge head! Look how the crowd reacts to Jorge's family! And also HUGE props to Frank and Jesse for doing that. You guys are studs!! I have been sort of hard on the band occasionally for not having a sense of occasion but folks THAT WAS SPOT ON AND PERFECT. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you!! Also, check out Athletic Director Anchor Steam Sandy Barbour about the 1:07 mark... she is sitting to the right of the TV table and you can see her up and clapping and singing with everyone else... how awesome is that! After the jump a whole bunch of pictures and more videos!

A Raucous Haas Pavilion Serenades Jorge Gutierrez in Berkeley February 18, 2012 (via prmaninla)

I don't want to give the other sports short shrift, but I'll just sort of talk about the events I went to.

Thursday night's men's basketball game. Was that crazy or was that crazy. I think I burnt off 10,000 calories in stress... at least 1,000 with each redonkulous 3-pointer that Devoe Joseph hit at the end of the game (including banking in one!). Cal came through for the great win keeping our Pac 12 Championships hopes alive and well. We overcame a lot... Oregon's late second half lead. Mike Greenstein. The aforementioned Devoe Joseph craziness... and we won! This is my favorite photo from the game courtesy the San Jose Mercury News.



On Saturday my day started off with the Women's Water Polo game. I ran into Cal linebacker Nick Forbes there supporting his friends on the team. I don't know about you but I just love when I see athletes out at events supporting each other.


Here is Breda Vosters scoring one of her three 1st Period goals... A hat trick! She was on fire in the pool! If Breda Vosters was a 1960s waterway she would be the Cuyahoga River! Or the dancing fire and water thing at the Mirage in Las Vegas... OK, I'll stop there...


It was an easy win... No stress.. and this guy really seemed to be enjoying it...


After leaving the Water Polo game, I happened to run into Franklin walking on campus and getting fired up for that night's men's hoops game. What a mug!



Then it was on to the game... Here we've got folks in the Bear's Lair getting adequately prepared... by the way only $12 for a pitcher of Anchor Steam!!


Heading up to Haas we saw some serious prep work taking place... I was a little disappointed to find out this was body paint and not tattoos...


The Band and Rally Comm were in full force early...


I love this shot of Jorge during warmups... look at those soulful eyes... you can almost hear him saying "FiatLux, why you bother me before the game..."


The seniors received an awesome introduction, which has already been featured on the site. It was so cool and you could just feel the love in the building. This team and these seniors are so special. Then tip off


At half time - amazingly enough we were trailing given our hot start - Athletic Director Anchor Steam Sandy was interviewed... Kudos to all of the students who had their signs behind her and to her for encouraging it and being a great sport. We have a real special person in Sandy.


I get too nervous during games to take photos but for some reason I took this one... something good happened here...


And of course this guy, who is becoming famous (by the way, if someone knows him, please get me his email address or mine to him).



After Cal pulled away comfortably in the second half... it was time to let the seniors bask in the adulation of the Haas partisans... This gives me chills! I also love Monty's exhortation at about 8 seconds in!

California Golden Bear Greats Harper Kamp and Jorge Gutierrez Take Their Final Bow (via prmaninla)

And once again, HUGE kudos to Frank and Jesse. Your giant heads made a huge impact on the atmosphere at Haas!!!

frank and jesse big heads

After the game it was time for the post game festivities at Pappy's. Sorry for the quality of the videos but all of these (everything on here unless otherwise noted) are from my camera phone...

Harper arriving

The Golden Knight, Harper Kamp, Arrives at Pappy's (via prmaninla)

And Jorge arriving

Jorge Gutierrez Arrives at Pappy's (via prmaninla)

And some photos







Back to the game for a moment. After the game all of the team and coaches came over to The Bench and high fived with all of the students then to the band and Jorge and Harper took photos with Rally Comm... it was just magical. If you go to about the 20 minute mark you'll see it in this video (for some reason it's not letting me post the video from that time designation)

OSU 63, Cal 77, 2-18-12 (via dakyne62)

This photo is the photo that speaks the proverbial thousand words. The beaming smile on Jorge. Look at that smile... It's beaming yet it still shows that hint of modesty. It melts me I tell you. The note the look of pride and affection on Coach Montgomery. The full stands a good five minutes after the game ended... It was special folks..



But my weekend wasn't quiet over. We had a baseball game on Sunday! I know Twits is going to do a recap of it , but here are a couple of photos and a video of the go ahead run scoring hit. By the way it was GREAT seeing so many CGBers out at all of the events this weekend. You guys are great and represent awesomely!




Derek Campbell's Game Winning Hit as #22 California Golden Bears Baseball Sweeps UoP (via prmaninla)

Wow, that was a lot. I hope you enjoyed! Do any of you have ideas on getting the Jorge video out to a lot more people? I would love for it to go viral for him and because it was such a moment in Haas and shows what's so special about Cal Basketball. I want everyone to see it. I tweeted it to Rece Davis, Telemunodo, Univision, but so far no retweet or pick up...

Anyway, thanks for reading!


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