Videos! Photos! The Women's Basketball Season Opener!

On Friday night the #13 ranked California Golden Bears put together a big season-opening win over the Lehigh Mountain Hawks from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The Bears got off to a 14-0 lead courtesy of steals by Afure Jemerigbe on the Mountain Hawks' first two possessions, followed by a Layshia Clarendon steal on their third possession. The Bears never looked back, as they put together an 80-48 win. Although the game was never close, a good time was had by all, except for the Lehigh team and the surprising number of Mountain Hawk fans in attendance. (It turns out that Lehigh senior guard Kelly Peterson is from Concord, and had a nice showing of family and friends at the game.)

There was a good crowd of over 3,500 on hand to welcome the 2012-13 edition of Cal women's basketball. And of course Oski was there. Before the game started, Oski was busy doing what Oski does.

Cal v. Lehigh

And the fans were pleased to discover that the menu at Haas Pavilion has been upgraded along the lines of the menu at Memorial Stadium. (Okay, I was pleased to discover this. But I'm pretty sure other fans were also pleased.)

Haas Pavilion food upgrades

Ummm, pizza, chili, sushi, sausage, and more at Haas!

But, on to the game. The team looked strong from beginning to end. Here's some Golden Bear scoring action from Reshanda Gray and Afure Jemerigbe:

Cal v. Lehigh Women's Basketball (via lesmitch529)

Cal's point guard, Brittany Boyd, was her usual exciting self:

Cal v. Lehigh Women's Basketball (via lesmitch529)

So was Talia Caldwell, who continued to show her ability to be in the right place to get those rebounds and score:

Cal v. Lehigh Women's Basketball (via lesmitch529)

I decided just to follow the brilliant Layshia Clarendon with my camera for a minute or so, and this is what she did:

Cal v. Lehigh Women's Basketball (via lesmitch529)

Gennifer Brandon was feeling under the weather, but she still managed a double-double, leading the Bears with 17 points and 10 rebounds in 23 minutes played. Here, she scores two of those points, followed by a steal and basket by Reshanda Gray, and then a successful trap of a Lehigh player by Afure Jemerigbe and Brittany Boyd:

Cal v. Leigh Women's Basketball (via lesmitch529)

Cal v. Lehigh

Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb was also in her usual good form, giving instructions to the Bears from the bench.

Coach G gave the entire roster significant minutes in the game, from stalwart Layshia Clarendon, who played 28 minutes, to Avigniel Cohen, who played sparingly last season as she rehabbed from a knee injury, but was on the floor Friday night for 10 minutes.

Cal v. Lehigh

Avigiel Cohen ties up a Mountain Hawk player to create one of the 19 turnovers for the Bears. Lehigh's #10 is Kelly Peterson, from Concord, CA.

Cal v. Lehigh

Brittany Boyd races for a loose ball.

Cal v. Lehigh

Reshanda Gray calling for the ball.

Although Lehigh played hard, and never quit, despite Cal's early big lead, they never got within 20 points after the opening minutes. The final score:

Cal v. Lehigh, Final score

The post-game hand slaps:

Cal v. Lehigh Postgame

The Straw Hat Band was on hand, of course, and was glad to have the opportunity to play every Cal fan's very favorite song:

Cal v. Lehigh Women's Basketball - Palms of Victory (via lesmitch529)

And after the game, the entire team came out for a very popular autograph session.

Cal v, Lehigh - Clarendon and Brandon

Layshia Clarendon and Gennifer Brandon (despite not feeling well) signed autographs after the game.

Post game autographs Cal v. Lehigh

And so did the Cal quartet of Talia Caldwell, Eliza Pierre, Mikayla Lyles, and Brittany Shine.

While Lehigh was not expected to pose a challenge to the Bears, it was nevertheless a great way to start what Cal fans are hoping will be a great season. The Bears dominated every aspect of the game from beginning to end. They did get a little sloppy in the middle of the game, when they had a 25-point lead, but they settled down nicely at the end to put away a satisfying 32-point victory. They will be in action again in Berkeley on Thursday against local rival St. Mary's.


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