The Pac-12 Family: Wazzu

This is the fourth in a twelve part series on the mythical origin of each Pac-12 school . . . up next: the Washington State Cougar. (Part 1: USC, Part 2: ASU/UA, Part 3: UCLA)

To date, you have learned the origins of some of the Golden Bear's sworn enemies and a couple of strange creatures from the desert . . . but none of those great being have the mystery that surrounds the Washington State Cougar. No one knows quite where the Cougar came from and many experts to this day are not quite sure where it even lives. Legend tells that the mysterious Cougar comes from an unknown land known as the Palouse, where the large cat lurks in secrecy. No one quite knows where this "Palouse" is, or if if is even possible for people to survive long term in such a remote location, but it is known, that the Cougar thrives in this cold and distant land. Prophesy states that every once and a while the Cougar opens up the Palouse to outsiders for battle to take place. For the visitors, however, it is a long and treacherous journey, and in the end, people still are not completely sure where they were. The Cougar's foes are only able to find their way to this mysterious land with an invitation only, and without this invitation, it is impossible to find the Cougar's home. Rumor also has it that there is some sort of Vandal that lives in this area with the Cougar, but he has not been heard from in half a century and is presumed to be lost forever.


No one REALLY knows where the mysterious Cougar is from.

Because of the mystery that surrounds the Cougar, he has found it difficult to consistently win on the battlefield. While there are indeed times of Cougar greatness, most of the time however, it seems as if the Cougar just cannot get out of its own way. After years of mediocrity on the battlefield, the Cougar sought the help of a great commander by the name of Price. He was able to lead the Cougar and its faithful to many victories on the battlefield and was even able to win the crown of the Pacific and advance to the Tournament of Roses in the hollowed grounds of Pasadena. During his time in the Palouse, Price was able to set a hex on the Golden Bear: victory for faithful Californians was not possible on the battlefield of the Palouse. This led the Golden Bear and many of his followers to be annoyed with the Cougar and the mysterious land up north. Unfortunately for the Cougar, Commander Price was led astray by an elephant with a particular fondness for the color red and he followed the elephant to his own demise, leaving the Cougar in shambles.


The Cougar undergoing a conversion

Faithful of the Washington State Cougar tried to find success on the battlefield in subsequent years, but to no avail: the Cougar seemingly had gone back to its old, mediocre (if not putrid) self. Also, because of Price's departure, the hex on the Golden Bear had been lifted and Californians could once again win in the desolate confines of the Palouse. This, however, did not keep the Cougar faithful from believing that they could once again reach greatness. No matter where one goes, the banner of the mysterious Cougar seems to be flying near the overbearing lords of the game day to try and gain the gods' favor. The Cougar, in desperate need for some help on the battlefield, recently sought the help of a man simply known as "the pirate." Many believed that the pirate would bring success to the Cougar overnight, but success is hard to come by for the Cougar and nothing seems to go right for the poor cat. As a matter of fact, at this exact moment, there is speculation that there may be an infestation of the undead in the Palouse! Despite the fact that the great Commander Price had put a hex on the Golden Bear for many years, the Californian has been able to undo the curse and find success in the Cougar's desolate den. Even though the Golden Bear has had a rough year on the battlefield thus far, many believe that because of his recent success in the Palouse, and his powerful victory over the brainless Bruin last week, the Golden Bear should defeat the Cougar yet again and the words Rolllllllllllll Onnnnnnn Youuuuuuuu Bearrrrrrrrrrs, will quietly rise above the mists of the Palouse.



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