2011, 2012 Scholarship Math

I'm excited for the projected recruiting class - who wouldn't be? I recently became curious as to how we were going to fit all our new talent into our existing scholarship structure, so I attempted to do the math.

More after the jump.

I took a look at the full roster via, and compared it to my own memory, as well as BI's recruiting database to generate a list of players we awarded scholarships to. For some players, finding out their current status (Walk-on? Scholarship?) was not always possible (especially for the fullbacks!), so I made my best guess. Feel free to point out if I have something misrepresented on here.

The year listed for each player is his status as of the 2011 Football season (that's why Bryan Anger, for example, is a senior). From my educated guesses, it appears we had 81 players on scholarship for the 2011 season. I have no doubt Coach Tedford ended up awarding the final 4 scholarships to deserving walk-ons, but I can't seem to find who those are, so I just left it at 81. To the best of my knowledge (which admittedly, is very limited!), it seems 19 players are either out of eligibility, or leaving the team for other reasons (e.g. I believe Robert Mullins has graduated). This would seemingly put a cap on our incoming class at 23, though I don't doubt that we'll have a couple more scholarships freed up.

Without further ado, here's what I came up with:

Italics = Graduating/Leaving Team

Defensive Backs (13 scholarship players)

D.J. Campbell (RS SR)
Sean Cattouse (RS SR)
C.J. Moncrease (SR)

Marc Anthony (RS JR)
Josh Hill (JR)
Alex Logan (SO)
Steve Williams (SO)
Michael Coley (RS FR)
Adrian Lee (RS FR)
Kameron Jackson (FR)
Stefan McClure (FR)
Avery Sebastian (FR)
Joel Willis (FR)

Defensive Backs (2 Walk-Ons)
Tyre Ellison (JR)
Isaac Lapite (RS FR)

Verbal Commits (3):
Damariay Drew
Zach Hoffpauir
Shaq Thompson

Defensive Linesmen (12 Scholarship Players)

Trevor Guyton (SR)
Ernest Owusu (SR)
Kendrick Payne (JR)
Aaron Tipoti (JR)
Deandre Coleman (SO)
Keni Kaufusi (SO)
Gabe King (RS FR)
Todd Barr (FR)
Mustafa Jalil (FR)
Puka Lopa (FR)
Viliami Moala (FR)
Brennan Scarlett (FR)

Defensive Line (2 Walk-Ons)
Nathan Phillip (JR)
Austin Clark (SO)

Verbal Commits (1):
Ellis McCarthy

Fullbacks (3 Scholarship Players)

Will Kapp (SR)
John Tyndall (SR)
Eric Stevens (JR)

Fullbacks (2 Walk-Ons)
David Aknin (RS JR)
Nico Dumont (SO)

Verbal Commits (1):
Maximo Espitia Jr.

Linebackers (14 Scholarship Players)

Ryan Davis (SR)
D.J. Holt (SR)
Mychal Kendricks (SR)

J.P. Hurrell (JR)
Kameron Krebs (JR)
Robert Mullins (JR)
Dan Camporeale (RS SO)
Steven Fanua (SO)
Nick Forbes (SO)
Nathan Broussard (FR)
Jalen Jefferson (FR)
Chris McCain (FR)
Cecil Whiteside (FR)
David Wilkerson (FR)

Linebackers (2 Walk-Ons)
Ted Agu (RS FR)
Matt Mayes (RS FR)

Verbal Commits (2):
Michael Barton
Hardy Nickerson

Long Snappers (1 Scholarship Player):

Matt Rios (JR)

Long Snappers (3 Walk-Ons)
Brandon Madueno (SO)
Cary Kriegsman (RS FR)
John Sheperdson (FR)

Verbal Commits (0)

Offensive Linesmen (11 Scholarship Players):

Justin Cheadle (SR)
Mitchell Schwartz (SR)
Dominic Galas (JR)
Tyler Rigsbee (JR)
Brian Schwenke (JR)
Matt Summers-Gavin (JR)
Matt Williams (JR)
Mark Brazinski (RS SO)
Alejandro Crosthwaite (RS FR)
Geoffrey Gibson (RS Fr)
Jordan Rigsbee (FR)

Offensive Line (3 Walk-Ons)
Justin Gates (SR)
Bill Tyndall (SO)
Brian Farley (FR)

Verbal Commits (4)
Christian Okafor
Matt Cochran
Steven Moore
Freddie Tagaloa

Punters/Kickers (3 Scholarship Players)

Bryan Anger (RS SR)
Giorgio Tavecchio (SR)

Vincenzo D'Amato (JR)

Punters/Kickers (2 Walk-Ons)
Jed Barnett (RS FR)
Benjamin Calder (FR)

Verbal Commits (1):
Cole Leininger

Quarterbacks (5 Scholarship Players)

Brock Mansion (SR)
Zach Maynard (JR)
Allan Bridgford (RS SO)
Austin Hinder (RS FR)
Kyle Boehm (FR)

Verbal Commits (1):
Zach Kline

Tailbacks (7 Scholarship Players)

C.J. Anderson (JR)
Covaughn DeBoskie-Johnson (JR)
Isi Sofele (JR)
Dasarte Yarnway (SO)
Brendan Bigelow (FR)
Darren Ervin (FR)
Daniel Lasco (FR)

Tailbacks (2 Walk-Ons)
Mike Manuel (JR)
Mitchel Bartolo (RS SO)

Verbal Commits (0)

Tight Ends (5 Scholarship Players)

Anthony Miller (SR)
Spencer Ladner (JR)
Spencer Hagan (SO)
Richard Rodgers (FR)
Jacob Wark (FR)

Tight Ends (4 Walk-Ons)
Scott Bueno (RS JR)
Anthony Ferrario (SO)
Brett Buchanan (FR)
Ben Miroglio (FR)

Verbal Commits (0)

Wide Receivers (7 Scholarship Players)

Michael Calvin (RS SR)
Coleman Edmond (SR)
Marvin Jones (SR)

Kaulin Krebs (JR)
Keenan Allen (SO)
Terrance Montgomery (RS FR)
Maurice Harris (FR)

Wide Receivers (4 Walk-Ons)
Ross Bostock (RS JR)
Jackson Bouza (RS SO)
Stephen Anderson (FR)
Bryce McGovern (FR)

Verbal Commits (6):
Cedric Dozier
Chris Harper
Jordan Payton
Darius Powe
Bryce Treggs
Kenneth Walker

2011 Season Scholarship Count: 81 = 13 DB + 12 DL + 3 FB + 14 LB + 1 LS + 11 OL + 3 P/K + 5 QB + 7 TB + 5 TE + 7 WR
2011 Season Ending Scholarship Reductions: -19 = - 3 DB - 2 DL - 2 FB - 4 LB - 0 LS - 2 OL - 2 P/K - 1 QB - 0 TB - 0 TE - 3 WR
2012 Season Projected Scholarship Additions (from Verbals): 19 = 3 DB + 1 DL + 1 FB + 2 LB + 0 LS + 4 OL + 1 P/K + 1 QB + 0 TB + 0 TE + 6 WR
2012 Season Projected Scholarship Count: ?? = DB + DL + FB + LB + LS + OL + P/K + QB + TB + TE + WR

So what does this tell us? If my math and research is correct, we should be able to take at least 4 more verbals for the 2012 class. E.g. Some additional combination such as 1 DB (Yuri Wright? Ishmael Adams?) + 1 DL (Aziz Shittu? Arik Armstead? Darius Hamilton? Eddie Goldman?) + 1 TE (Christo Kourtzidis?) + 1 TB (D.J. Foster? ATH Stefon Diggs?) would fill up the class nicely. Avinash projects that we'll have room for 28, which would allow us to take 9 more verbals. I'm hoping we have a few silents from some very nice players, and I'm very excited to see who they are.

Of course, all of this is just speculation until LOI Day. Until then, Go Bears!

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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