DBD 1.31.12 In which Jupiter's makes money and internet nerds find friends, beer.

There are many recaps of Sunday's glorious win, a rightful triumph of Cal over Stanfurd. But no one has recapped the meet-up before hand! What a terrible break-down in journalism.

First a motley crew of bear fans wandered in and found no less than 3 different places to congregate. Slowly, drawn to the sparkly diamond ring that called like a beacon to the hopeless lost, people started to circle around Mrs.Atoms who was sitting in the outer courtyard (and incidentally, Atoms was also there). Immediately discovering that 6.5 people is too much for the 4 person table, Ragnarok took the lead; which was mainly to say that 6.5 people was too much for the 4 person table. CBKWit tried to fade into the background, but that only works if you're a very lazy moderator on a moderately popular blog. The wandering began again, but this time in a group!

Passing by the bar we found Turkey and Sec119 who were taking a break from trying to convince themselves that the meet-up was supposed to be upstairs. I assume it went like this. "Oh, it definitely said to meet upstairs." "didn't you read somewhere we were supposed to be upstairs?" "We absolutely will have both the moral and the literal high-ground when everyone realizes it was supposed to be upstairs". The group, led by a very big Fiatlux and one very stubborn toddler, waved a jaunty hello and passed by to the big windows near the street.

The brave and thirsty souls, bravely commandeered most of the tables in the front room and really tried very hard to tell the waitress that they weren't going to be any trouble at all, Twistnhook's existence not-withstanding.

All in all there were about 25 people. There could have been more CGBers who were in the bar but didn't know how to approach us. Twist was doing his best to bridge the gap by very subtly yelling 'California Golden Blogs' whenever someone internet-y came in the door. It was a great mix of people breaking bread and making harmony: the young and old, the chemists and the curmudgeons, the bald and the haired... A good time was had by all, especially Bearstage who realized that Fiatlux was buying the first round.

At 5pm sharp, we had the check finished and everyone started their trudge up to Haas Pavilion. A small faction of rebels/slow drinkers stayed to continue chatting (CalNet was nice enough to split my late-arriving pilsner, darling woman that she is). Finally, on the way up to campus, Yes We Cannon tried desperately to get me to try a Jumbacco and I called him Yes We Cannon no less than 3 times instead of his real name.

At the game there was an annoying band and a dancing shrub. They did announce the CGB on the big board, but since no one was fast enough with the camera phone there's no photographic evidence of it. There is, however this tweet.




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