10 Years of Pac 12(10) Coaching

This little research project was inspired by a tidbit I saw in a Peter King article about how Pitt has had 5 head football coaches in the past 13 months. Of course Pitt is the extreme of extremes, but I wondered how many head football coaches Pac 12 schools have had in the past 10 years. So I used a time frame starting with the 2002 football season and ending with yesterdays Fiesta Bowl.

Please note that I didn’t mess with retroactive NCAA punishments. So technically USC should have less wins, but I figured it would complicate things too much. I also included coaching records, and overall 10 year records, number of bowl games and conference championships. The data might be a bit off as I used Wikipedia as my source for pretty much all these numbers.

Pac 12 Head Football Coaches beginning in the 2002 Season

Arizona: John Mackovic (5-12 Fired), Mike Hankwitz (1-6 Interim), Mike Stoops (41-50 Fired), Tim Kish (3-3 Interim), Rich Rodriguez (0-0). 10 year record 50-71, 3 bowls.

ASU: Dirk Koetter (36-27 Fired), Dennis Erickson (30-25 Fired), Tom Ghram (0-0). 10 year record 66-52, 5 bowls, 1 shared conference title.

California: Jeff Tedford, 79-48, 8 bowls, 1 shared conference title.

Stanford: Buddy Tevens (10-23 Fired), Walt Harris (6-17 Fired), Jim Harbaugh (29-21 Left for NFL), David Shaw (11-2), 10 year total 56-63, 3 bowls.

Oregon: Mike Belotti (56-32 Retired), Chip Kelly (33-6), 10 year record 90-38, 9 bowls, 3 conference titles.

Oregon State: Dennis Erickson (8-5 Left for NFL), Mike Riley (64-49). 10 year record 72-54, 7 Bowls.

Colorado: Gary Barnett (29-22 Forced Resignation), Mike Hankwitz (0-1 Interim), Dan Hawkins (19-39 Fired) John Embree (3-10). 10 year record 51-72, 4 Bowls.

Utah: Ron McBride(5-6 Fired),Urban Myer (22-2 Left for Florida), Kyle Whittingham (65-25 8 bowls) 10 year record 94-33, 9 bowls, 3 conference titles (MWC).

UCLA: Bob Toledo (7-5 Fired), Karl Dorrell (35-27 Fired), Rick Neheisal (21-29 Fired), Mike Johnson, (0-1 Interim), Jim L. Mora (0-0) 10 year record 63-62, 8 bowls.

USC: Pete Carrol (91-13 Left for NFL), Lane Kiffin (18-7). 10 year record 109-20, 8 bowls, 7 conference titles, 2 of them shared.

Wasington: Rick Neuheisal (7-6 Fired), Keith Gilbertson (7-16 Fired), Tyrone Willingham (11-37 Fired), Steve Sarkisian (19-18). 10 Year Record 44-77, 3 bowls.

Washington State: Mike Price (10-3 Left for Alabama), Bill Doba (30-29 Fired), Paul Wulff (9-40 Fired), Mike Leach (0-0). 10 year record 49-72, 2 bowls, 1 conference championship.

Total coaches of Pac 12 schools in the past 10 years: 39
Total non-interim coaches in current Pac-12 teams over the past 10 years: 31, plus 4 newly hired coaches in 2011/2012.

Of those 31, 14, including two of which have coached just 1 year, are still working or left on their own terms.

In the past 10 years (including interim coaches) teams with...

One coach: Cal
Two coaches: Oregon, Oregon State, USC
Three Coaches: ASU, Utah
Four Coaches: Colorado (1 Interim), Stanford, UW, Washington State
Five Coaches: Arizona (2 Interim), UCLA (1 Interim)

Combined record of the 4 interim coaches: 4-11

UCLA is the only school with 4 or more coaches, to have a winning record over the past ten years.

Worst ten year record: Washington 44-77

Best 10 year record: USC 109-20

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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