DBD 1.28.12: Pac-12 Streets

Isn't this exciting? I went to Google Maps and found streets that match up to all of the Pac-12 schools!! I am cool, aren't I?

California Golden Bears:

University (Ave./Dr.) of California (St.), Berkeley (Way)


West End: Berkeley Pier/San Francisco Bay at the Berkeley Marina

East End: West edge of campus, University Drive continues through campus and ends at Gayley


North End: Hopkins Street in North Berkeley, California becomes Monterey Ave.

South End: 62nd Street at the Oakland/Berkeley border, California becomes Occidental St. in Oakland


West End: Chestnut Street near the intersection University Ave. and San Pablo Ave.

East End: West edge of campus at Oxford St.

Stanfurd Cardinal:


Completely within the city of Oakland, almost makes it into Berkeley, but officially (and thank God), there is no Stanfurd Avenue in the city of Berkeley. I say that we officially petition the city of Oakland rename this street Golden Bear Ave. There is ANOTHER Stanfurd Avenue in Kensington, but its name also changes once it crosses into Berkeley, but it never makes it into Berkeley either.

West End: Horton Street in Oakland

East End: Merges with Adeline St. and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way in Oakland (never crosses into Berkeley)

UCLA Bruins:


The closest street to Berkeley that can be related to those no-good baby bears from the southern branch is in Napa. It is also only 240 feet long . . . you know what else is 240 feet long? An 80 yard football field. Hahahaha.

End: Cul-de-Sac street in a residential area in Napa, begins at Stadium Ave not far from California Blvd (ha!) and Highway 29.

USC Trojans:


Trojan Ave. is completely within the city of San Leandro and in a residential area.

West End: Wiley Street in San Leandro

East End: Just after Norton Street in San Leandro and about a half a mile from I-880

Oregon Ducks:


Oregon St. is completely within South Berkeley.

West End: San Pablo Ave. in southwest Berkeley between Ashby and University

East End: Just after Telegraph at Regent Street.

Oregon State Beavers:


Beaver Street is in San Francisco near the intersection of Market Street and 16th Street

West End: 15th Street in San Francisco

East End: Noe Street in San Francisco near Market Street

Washington Huskies:


Washington Street is almost completely within the city of Albany, but it does stretch into Berkeley its last tenth of a mile.

West End: Cleveland Avenue in Albany near Golden Gate Fields, and I-580 and I-80

East End: Peralta Avenue in Berkeley, just after the Albany/Berkeley border. Washington Ave. becomes San Lorenzo Ave.

Washington State Cougars:


This street is in Fremont and is in a suburban/residential area. I assume cougars generally live in this area.

End: It is a circle dammit! Cougar Drive begins at Mission Dr. and becomes Durham Rd.

Arizona Wildcats:


Arizona St. is in a residential area in Oakland between I-580 and highway 13.

North End: Maple Avenue in Oakland

South End: Just after Aspen Place in Oakland (ends as a Cul-de-Sac)

Arizona State Sun Devils:


I had a hell of a time (pun intended) trying to find a street that fit with Arizona State, Diablo is Devil in spanish, so you know what? I searched for Diablo and found Diablo Dr. high up in the Berkeley hills near Oakland.

North End: Grizzly Peak Blvd. becomes Diablo Dr. in Oakland at the Skyline Blvd. intersection

South End: Diablo Drive has no outlet, it becomes Starkville Ct.

Colorado Buffaloes:


Colorado is a short road completely within the City of Berkeley up in the Berkeley Hills.

West End: Boynton Ave.

East End: Michigan Ave.

Utah Utes:


Utah is a tiny street in the city of Oakland not far from I-580

North End: Partridge Ave.

South End: 82nd Ave.

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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