DBD 1/10/2012: From the Ashes

Man, I get busy one afternoon and I miss a hundred great slapfight topics. Whose a bigger jerk, Guy Fiery or St. Anthony of the Windbag? Making fun of baseball writers for their steroid hysteria? Tebow pro/con? Retirement planning? I also note that about 2000 comments were posted after I left, so I get the hint. And it's OK. Keep holding out the good stuff until I go away.

Now, buried within all the topics I won't be able to argue with anyone about for a few months now, thanks a pile, was a little ray of sunshine. The Workers Vanguard Daily Californian reports that the Raleighs/Intermezzo people are moving forward with plans to rebuild their hallowed halls.

This comes as welcome news for business owners operating in the fire-struck neighborhood who say the blaze has resulted in revenue losses as high as 50 percent [...Amoeba Records owner Marc] Weinstein said December revenue for Amoeba was down 40 percent from typical levels, which he attributed largely to traffic routing that made it more difficult for pedestrians to access his store.

So far I've just recycled the post from yesterday's DBD, largely to passively/aggressively complain at you all burning my favorite topics yesterday and talking about me behind my back. But Pravda the Daily Cal has even better news today...

City of Berkeley May Waive Permit Fees for Intermezzo/Raleighs Relocation

The recommendation, authored by Councilmember Kriss Worthington, would not only waive permit fees for Raleigh’s Bar and Grill and Cafe Intermezzo — located on the ground floor of the building on the corner of Telegraph Avenue and Haste Street that was destroyed by the fire over the weekend — but it would also cut down the time to attain a permit for relocation from an estimated six months to a couple of weeks, according to Worthington.

Thankfully, it sounds like Mr. Worthington has a selfish objective in all this which happens to align with mine exactly:

“Part of what motivates me is that if they don’t get relocated soon, customers will drift off to other cities and not come to Berkeley,” said Worthington, who was a regular customer of Cafe Intermezzo. “If they’re going to try to rebuild, that’s going to take a year or two. So, rather than having customers drift off and starting from scratch, they can keep their customer base.”

I too was a regular customer of Intermezzo, an occasional customer of Raleigh's, and I will beat a path to anyplace they manage to reopen that is reasonably close to campus or the BART stations. There are certainly plenty of empty storefronts around to choose from.... maybe some of you can suggest them? Cody's is still empty but I don't think they have all the plumbing and kitchen fixtures they need. Then again Intermezzo was probably working mostly on crock pots and so forth; I don't know if they baked bread on-site or not. Come on CGB, find Intermezzo a new home!

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