DBD 9.1.2011: Number association

Since I have very few hobbies other than following Cal sports and Giants baseball (and why would I want to think about Giants baseball right now?) I sometimes play memory games with myself.  Like this one I did a couple of days ago. 

Number association -- I went through numbers 1 to 99.  I wrote down the first Cal football player who came to mind who wore that number.  I wasted limited myself to a half hour for this exercise.  My other rule: no looking at the current roster before trying this. 

Here's how it went for me.   

1 DeSean Jackson

2 Damien Semien

3 James Bethea

4 Jahvid Best

5 Marty Holly

6 Geoff MacArthur

7 Kyle Boller

8 Aaron Rodgers

9 Mike Pawlawski

10 Desmond Bishop

11 Robert Jordan

12 Joe Roth (who else?!?)

13 Daymeion Hughes

14 Mark Jensen

15 Vince Ferragamo

16 Dave Barr

17 Ryan Tollner

18 Pat Barnes

19 Artis Houston

20 Justin Forsett

21 Keenan Allen

22 Will Kapp

23 Eric Zomalt

24 Anthony Randolph

25 Brett Johnson

26 Kevin Moen

27 Matt Clizbe

28 Greg Zomalt

29 Tyson Toles

30 Joe Igber (one of his years, anyway)

31 Brent Woodall

32 Jason Honey

33 Covaughn DeBoskie-Johnson

34 Shane Vereen

35 Max Fancher

36 Cornell Collier

37 Castle Redmond

38 Tyrone Bland

39 Jason Wilborn

40 David Ortega

41 ???????

42 Ricky Spears

43 Scott Roseman

44 Tony Gonzalez

45 Jerrott Willard

46 Brad Raulston

47 Keith Browner

48 Bill Ayer

49  Todd Powers

50 Scott Aeschlimann

51 Alex Mack

52 Troy Auzenne

53 Donovan Edwards

54 Marvin Philip

55 Greg Van Hoesen

56 Zack Follett

57 Josh Beckham

58 Mack Travis

59 Sid Slater

60  ???????

61  Ryan O'Callaghan

62  Jeremy Newberry

63  Eric Mahlum

64  Scott Tercero

65  Aaron Merz

66 Sam Sagapolu

67 Les Richter

68  Ernie Rogers

69 Matt Malele

70 Mark Boskovich

71 Sam DeMartinis

72 Mitchell Schwartz

73  ????????

74 Nolan Bluntzer

75 Matt Summers-Gavin

76  Lorenzo Alexander

77 Andre Carter (as a freshman!)

78 Tarik Glenn

79 Mike Tepper

80 Anthony Miller

81 Dameane Douglas

82 Mike Caldwell

83 Eric Beegun

84 David Binn

85 Vinny Strang

86 Sean Dawkins

87 Brian Surgener

88 Sean Young

89  Garry Graffort

90  Tad Smith

91 DeAndre Coleman

92 Trevor Guyton

93 Brad Monahan

94 Jacob Waasdorp

95  Ernest Owusu

96 Kendrick Payne

97 Andre Carter

98 ???????

99 Wesley Walker


So, as you can see, I blanked out on numbers 41, 60, 73, and 98.  Since I made this list, I know freshman Todd Bar wears 41 because of TwistNHook's awesome photo essay for Fan Appreciation day.  Help an Old Blue out with these numbers!  Whom did I forget?!?

If you did this exercise, which players would be different? 

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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