DBD 7.29.11 Surviving a Best Friend's Wedding

It's almost 7 AM PST and there's no DBD up. So before anyone complains that I'm posting yet another DBD centered entirely around myself, maybe you should have posted something yourself? Seriously, why aren't you at work yet anyway? I've already gone through half an hour of seeing the market get its face ripped off and I'm not even done with my morning coffee yet!


I was out at dinner with a friend last night just talking about plans for the upcoming weekends and it suddenly hit me... my best friend is getting married in a week*

*I'm too cool to have one best friend, so I have a couple that I apply the label of "best friend" to.

And now it's starting to worry me. That I'm starting to hit that age where this will become more commonplace. The dominoes will fall and more and more friends will start to get married in the coming years. The same friends I used to go out with on a regular basis, that always had time to go get lunch, grab a drink, join on big group trips, etc., are going to be settled down. Instead of spending Saturday nights raging at the bars, they'll host wine tasting dinner parties. Instead of hitting the sports bar to cheer the Niners on with me on a Sunday morning, they're getting ready for another Bed, Bath, and Beyond trip since they forgot to pick up the new matching hamper set on Wednesday and anyway, it's like 20% off!


With that in mind, I figure it's time to start planning how to make the most of this upcoming wedding (and obviously be happy for my friend). In this issue of "Blind Leading The Blind", here's my plan:

1) Go through the daytime wedding ceremony and meet as many people as possible. Note to self, don't forget to hop up out of bed, take a look in the mirror, and turn swag on.

2) Given that there is an hour between wedding ceremony and reception, get ready and pre-game. I cannot overstate the importance of the second point. Show up to the reception already happy, energetic, and in a jovial mood. There is no way this can go wrong.

3) Befriend the bartender right away. Teach them to make my signature drink. The ROI is very high here.

4) Holla at the DJ. If he knows who I am ahead of time, it makes it easier to request music later on in the night.

5) Look good. Done.

6) Reconnect with any new people I met during the daytime. Lay down the foundation early.

7) Start drinking. Heavily.

8) ???

9) Wake up Sunday morning. Hopefully with profit!

Okay, that's enough for now. Happy Friday!

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