Photo Essay: Cal vs. Dallas Baptist in CWS Super Regional 6.11.11


I'm in San Jose California at SmokeEaters Hot Wings ready to take on the Hellfire Challenge! If I eat 12 Fukushima-spicy hot wings in under 10 minutes I get a Tshirt and the respect of obese people watching my show across the country. Also, I think there was a Cal baseball game against Dallas Baptist in the Santa Clara College World Series Super Regional. Let's go on a photo journey of Saturday's fun, shall we?


Remember when they cancelled Cal Baseball? How'd that work out?

Seriously though, please donate and spread the word that there is more money to be raised to keep Cal baseball running. More info at The tireless folks from SCB held a pregame party at SmokeEaters down the street from Santa Clara's baseball stadium. 20 percent of all sales went to the fund. Finally! My drinking and overeating went toward a good cause!


Look at me, I'm a giver. Also, sidenote those are the Atomic wings, which were way mild. If you're into spicy, start with the Traditional Death level. But DO NOT try the Hellfire Wings. A guy doing the challenge let me taste a pinky tip worth of the sauce and my life was painful for about an hour of so after. I have nothing but respect for Adam Richman after that.


It's the guy from the show!

Anyhoo, let's get to the game already. We walked down the street to the stadium through lovely Santa Clara, which has the aesthetic feel of your typical suburban Californian community with faux Hispanic sensibilities.


Cuyo domicilio?!!

Tickets where totes sold out and the stadium was overflowing with Cal fans. Those that couldn't make it inside lined the fences and climbed onto the staircases of el domicilio to watch the game from beyond center field Tightwad Hill style.



The cheep seats.


Cal fans trying to catch the game for free (also the creepiest photo I've ever taken).

We finally made it inside and found the place packed! Cal fans really represented Saturday. About a couple hundred Patriot fans were there, but Schott stadium was Bear Territory.



Cal came out for pregame introductions and after that, Dallas Baptist had no chance. Justin Jones had absolutely filthy, nasty, diabolical, anti-semetic (too much?) stuff working for him Saturday. He made the Patriot batters look silly for even trying.


Justin, trying to figure out how to humiliate the next batter.

Meanwhile, on offense, Cal was hitting seeds off Patriots' pitcher Brandon Williamson and it was only a matter of time before they started to land for base hits. Or, for three run homeruns. Either way was good for me.


Derek Campbell up to bat. I love this team's approach to hitting, bee tee dubayou. Aggressive, but smart. I know that can lead to problems sometimes, but you gotta take chances in my opinion. Also, I'm sick of watching Daric Barton take 9 pitch strikeouts for the A's.


Semien coming in to score on his 3 run dinger.


And then they celebrated.

Random photo, apparently David Crosby is working for ESPN now. Good for him.


After a while, it became a question of whether or not Cal could sustain the shutout. Once Justin left the crowd was very nervous about his future and our chances. We were glad to hear via you folks commenting here that it looked like it wasn't anything major. Totes preesh! But in the end we did hold them off and won 7-0. Here's a video that the GF took of the last 5 minutes of the game when things got slightly tense.


Good game, good game, good game, good game, good game.....


And this is pretty much all that needs to be said.

That and Go Bears!! Team of destiny.

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