DBD 3.18.11 Come on, man!

 I know next to nothing about skateboarding.  But I know who Tony Hawk is.  Though he is no longer in his prime as a professional skateboarder, Hawk still might be the most famous professional skateboarder in the world.  And he deserves much of the credit for bringing popularity to the sport over the last 20 years.  Hawk does not deserve credit, however, for strict adherence to the "Guy Code." 

Earlier this week, news from Hawk's personal life hit the mainstream.  If for nothing else, the revelations about Hawk's divorce from his third wife, Lhotse Merriam, were eye-opening for the egregious Guy Code violation they uncovered:

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has allegedly dumped his third wife for his best friend’s wife.

Hawk is said to have broken up with Lhotse Merriam - with whom he has a two-year-old son - and started dating Cathy Goodman instead.

Miss Goodman was married to Hawk’s best friend and business partner Matt Goodman for 20 years but the couple have now split up. They have two children together.

The development threatens to derail Hawk’s $120million business empire founded on his skating career and hugely successful video game series.

But it could also be a personal disaster and cause him to lose somebody who has been close to him for many years.

Hawk and Goodman have been friends since childhood and, according to the New York Post, Goodman was a groomsman at all of Hawks’ three weddings.

The pair have also founded a company together which makes sports action films.

Another issue could be the divorce settlement - it is not clear at this stage how much Miss Merriam could be entitled to for their five-year marriage.

Really, Tony?  Your best friend's wife?  Really?  COME ON, MAN!   I don't carry a copy of my "Guy Code" around with me in my pocket, but this one's a no-brainer violation.  And Tony apparently didn't do much to cover his tracks.  According to the published reports, the apparent affair came to light when Hawk's wife found a plane ticket that Hawk had booked for Cathy Goodman to join him in San Francisco.    



"Hang loose" doesn't mean violate the Guy Code! 

Okay, I know the old adage that "it takes two to tango."  So Cathy Goodman is not blameless here: she has broken her marriage vows.  But Hawk hit into a double play: he broke his marriage vows and the Guy Code! 

Maybe it was only a matter of time before Tony Hawk crossed into Guy Code crime.  He already had a checkered history of hooking up with women who were close by.  He dumped his first wife for the nanny.  Then he divorced her and married Merriam, who happened to be his publicist.      

 Hawk is a father to four children from his three marriages.  Three of them are sons: hopefully, they will know the Guy Code a little better than their dad! 

Any Guy Code violations from your past?  How about a "Girl Code": is there one?  Any stories? 

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