So I Almost Got Kicked Out of Staples Today...

In a demonstration that I'm not getting old without a fight, I took on "the man" today at Staples on behalf of our micmen.

I was sitting right by the band today...



During an SC trip to the line in the first half, one of the guys was waving the big MSF face while an SC player was shooting a free throw.  It seemed to work as the guy only made one of two.  It was funny and people around were laughing (none of whom appeared to be CAL fans).

So on the next trip to the line by SC, the mic man waves the head again, and out of nowhere, some official looking dude in a bad suit with a badge around his neck, came up from behind and just rips the MSF cut-out of the mic man's hands... And he did it in a way to make a show of it.  A total "I've got a small dick but I've got a little authority so I am going to show how bad ass I am..."  He would not give the cut out back to the CAL mic man.  Now that pissed me off.

So I went down and took the sign back myself... F 'em.  Brought it back to my seat to give back to the guys... So, as you can imagine, the official guy did not like that, and came and got in my face... we exchanged minimal unpleasantries, seriously,  really low key as far as these things go... And then he calls security to have me removed... Now I've been around long enough to know 1) it ain't going to look good if security comes down and 2) you can usually diffuse the situation by just leaving...

So that's what I do... I calmly leave and I head over to the CAL section... well a half hour later this loser comes  over to the CAL section, which is on the opposite side of the arena, with some event staff.. No problem.  So I talk with the head of security at Staples, a really pleasant guy who clearly would rather not deal with this sort of thing... he asks me what happens I dispassionately tell him and he seems cool with it... Well the loser event management guy, who it turns out is an assistant AD at USC, and to make it more interesting used to work in the CAL AD and was a UC Cop, totally lies - I mean 100% bald face lie - and says I pushed him.  Which I did not.  Any of the band would be able to back up me here.   So the PAC 10 gets involved and wants me removed.  So the head of security at Staples and I walk up to the top of the stairs, he takes me to a luxury suite and tells me to watch the rest of the game from there, but not to make a show of it and because he knows i'm telling the truth and the other guy wasn't allows to find out who the guy is...

I do have one nit... when I brought the sign back with me, one of the members of the band wouldn't take it... puss move  as far as I am concerned... That would have NEVER happened when I was in school... the band would have taken the sign and closed ranks....

Anyway, just thought i would share that with you.  Trust me, SC is  getting a letter from me.  Two things I really hate - people who abuse their position of authority (however minimal it is) and people who lie to cover up their own cowardly actions.  I'm glad this guy is no longer working with CAL and is now at SC.  They deserve each other.


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