Revamping The Bench - A Mission Statement

Students, Alumni, Cal Fans,

The time has come for a long awaited change up and revamp of our California Golden Bears Student Basketball Section known as The Bench.

Read on after the jump if you want to help me and my guys on this mission...

The Bench used to be the most hostile and creative student section in the then Pac-10 if it didn't rank as one of the top student sections in the country. Sadly, and obviously, that is no longer the case.

I am here today to say that I am fed up with the weak and mediocre performance of our student section. Our turnout has become so weak that event management/marketing has taken it upon themselves to just pack it with regular fans who just SIT there and watch, so that it would look good on TV, even though the stadium cam doesn't even face the student section. I've had to ask people nicely and have had to yell at people to stand up in our section. And I've even had the issue of dealing with opposing team's fans in the student section sitting behind me (even was threatened by Damien Lillard's family at the Weber State game for heckling Lillard). Maybe it's because we just haven't had a good opponent for students to want to come watch and show up or students have just been busy with finals or they are on break. But no game this year so far has been able to prove as a test to see if our students are going to show up to games this season.

But the issue is more than that. The Bench is not a real student section anymore. I'm not bashing on the school that I love. I defend Cal whenever I am contested. I dedicate my time to the guys on the field and the court. I am a Cal Golden Bear at heart and bleed the blue and gold. But I am simply stating the fact. Everyone can agree that The Bench has lost it's integrity. As a Mic Man, I take it upon myself and assume fault for the situation. A team (The Bench as the 6th man) is only as good as it's leader. When I lead yells and take a look at the unenthused students not even yelling or cheering, I get sick to my stomach. A low hum of Ohh isn't going to cut it anymore. I want Haas to rock EVERY SINGLE GAME no matter the opponent. I am sick of the mediocrity. I am tired of leading a section that just doesn't care. I want a section that is going to get in the opposing team's head and will really show everyone that THIS IS BEAR TERRITORY, even if we are playing Weber State or (enter some random long region name here) State.

So I am here, with two of my fellow loyal and absolutely dedicated Cal Basketball Fans (Frank Cohen and Jesse Machado), to say that we are going to make changes. No longer will The Bench be weak. We are going to take this student section and make it our own. We are going to make changes that are going to improve the experience for the students, so that they will see what it's like to be a part of The Bench. To take it back to times where players were afraid to play against Cal because of The Bench. We will heighten the experience so that we can Pack The Haas. It's going to be a long and winding journey, but it is possible.

I will forego putting all our ideas we have so far here and save them for anyone who is interested in hearing them and also for people who have ideas of their own. I am here asking for help to revamp one of the potentially most lethal student sections in the country.

Feel free to contact me, Aaron Eslamboly, here, or e-mail me, or contact either of the two guys i mentioned above. The Bench also has a twitter and a facebook group.

Cal Fans, this change and improvement to The Bench has to happen. Help me and my guys on this mission.

I'll end this simple. Go Bears.

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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