DBD 12/28/2012: What's on TV tonight?

Today will likely be another skeleton crew DBD. Since so many seem to be working short hours or off entirely, and others seem to have daytime activities today that will likely keep you away from here, as a public service here are some TV viewing suggestions for 5 PM Pacific Daylight Time today, courtesy of DirecTV listings:

KTVU 2: News

KRON 4: News

KPIX 5: EYEWITNESS News (LOL KRON and KTVU for not finding eyeball witnesses)

KGO 7: ABC News at 5 (hopefully something happens in the world between 4 PM and 4:59 PM or this is going to be the same dreck as ABC News at 4, which immediately precedes it)

KQED 9: The Cat in the Hat (assuming this is some European skin flick)

KNTV 11: Bay Area News (tune in to see San Jose reporters talk about San Francisco)

KDTV 14: Primer Impacto ("First Impact", I think this is a movie about a car crash in Mexico)

AZA 15: Noticiero Azteca ("Aztec Noticer", some kind of voyeur program)

KOFY 20: The Jeremy Kyle Show (they should have stuck with the dogs and the Dance Party)

KRCB 22: NHK News (live from Tokyo- recommended)

KTSF 26: Horse Racing (for you young CGBers, this is like NASCAR but without cars)

KICU 36: Friends (a sitcom about people that live on a soundstage in LA)

KCNS 38: Route 66 (this station runs "classic programming"; I've never seen Route 66 so I'll have to catch it one of these days)

KNCT 42: En Vivo (the DirecTV program guide says this is "Programa de revista, espectáculos, chismes y entretenimiento", which must be Spanish for "infomercial")

KCSM 43: The Piano Guy (Billy Joel's nephew?)

KBCW 44: The New Adventures of Old Christine (like Seinfeld in that it features Julia Louis-Dreyfus, not like Seinfeld in all other ways)

KSTS 48: Al Rojo Vivo con María Celeste (Google Translate says this is "Star Maria's Red Vivisection")

KQEH 54: Martha Speaks (they couldn't sign Martha Stewart, so this is about a cartoon dog)

KKPX 65: Ghost Whisperer (Jennifer Love Hewitt wears nightgowns to bring ghosts out of hiding)

KFSF 66: Viaje al Centro de la Tierra ("Take a Trip to Downtown Tierra")

67-100 Shopping Channels and Infomercials (sadly, not making this up)

AUD 101: The Wire, Season 2 (sounds like Ep. 4 or so)

PPV 197: Slutty, Busty, and Bad (I think this is a documentary about the U of O Cheerleading squad)

CNN 202: Anderson Cooper 360 (kind of a travel show where this guy goes to disaster areas and wears spandex t-shirts)

ESPN 206: College Football Education Bowl Something Something San Diego

ESPNU 208: Southern Methodist at Oklahoma State (must be a robotic car design contest or something)

ESPN2 209: Georgetown at Louisville (hot rivalry action! future diplomats vs. future jockeys!)

MLB 213: Hot Stove (news about 29 MLB teams' offseason acquisitions, and the Giants)

GOLF 218: Live from Zuccotti Park, the 1% Open

223-228: Shopping channels (again, sadly, not making this up)

HGTV 229: House Hunters (I think this show follows Occupy protestors as they squat in vacant houses)

DIY 230: Holmes on Homos (I think Logo changed its call letters)

FOOD 231: Chopped All-Stars (that guy from Queer Eye makes fun of cooking school grads)

COOK 232: Good Eats

E! 236: Sex And the City (finally! something Twist can watch!)

I'll leave off here as this list is probably already too long. Clearly, a rich tapestry of choices tonight for the discerning viewer.

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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