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In the spirit of welcoming more people to our conversations, I’ve created a handy cheat sheet to help familiarize our new guests with our strange sayings. We’ve built up quite a culture here in the Daily Bear Dump and we talk about a lot of things here besides Cal Sports. But what’s interesting isn’t just WHAT we say but HOW we say it. 


Regular internet Memes:(Lets start out slow) 

FWIW – for what it’s worth

IIRC – if I remember correctly

IMHO – In My Humble Opinion

LOL – laughed out loud; differentiated from LULz

LULZ – subset of laughing out loud where in the laugh is at someone in a mean or mocking nature. Usage "When that racist gramma fell down the stairs I lulz’ed"

To Troll – to post a controversial viewpoint to see what arguments you can start. 



DBD Dictionary:

To Atoms (v).Usage: "I don’t understand this comment, can you atoms it up for me?" To explain a joke, which often ruins the punchline. Example: TwistnHook: "You see it’s funny, because both a duck’s beak and a bar tab are called a bill" Rishi: "Thanks, Atoms."

Cugel’d (v, past tense): When someone posts random inflammatory comments from a news article (or a fake news article from the Onion) to troll the DBD, and you get taken in by it and believe them to be genuine. Cugel has been susceptible to this phenomenon several times, so it’s something he has become known for.

Pulling a Cugel: wandering around bars for hours, unable to locate the CGBers who are watching him. That’s just funny stuff. 

IT’S A TARP: Originally a variation from ‘It’s a Trap’ meme, this is often used to humorously bring up not only traps but Star Wars, plastic tarpaulins, and the Troubled Asset Relief Program economic plan from the US Government. 

<PERSON> Would have used a header: Really, if you’re gonna post a picture, you should use a header so others can hide the picture and pretend like they are working on a really long and inane word document. Often blaming the person in the picture for it. 

WHOSE <NOUN>? : A response to incorrect grammar, usually the incorrect usage of possession pronouns. Believed to be started by both overly eager grammar enthusiasts and the popular ‘Whose House’ Cal Football promotional video. Usage: Goldblooded: "The bear is awesome; its [correct it’s] roaring!" Rishi: "WHOSE roaring?" 

Pringles: Originally as a reference to Charles "Lol" Pringle, Cal Golden bear from the 1898 Football team, it has become a verb and substitute for LOL. One can pringle in response to a joke, state simple ‘pringles’ or ‘pqtm’ – shorthand for pringled quietly to myself. Many have found this seems to fit the experience of one’s response when reading humorous comments better than LOL. 

To Z (v): to move through comments without reading them; referencing the ability to press z to mark the topmost comment as read. Usage: "I can’t z fast enough when Rishi starts talking about Diwali and cricket."

Rec’d: A short-hand of approval, implying the full statement ‘I enjoyed your comment and thus will use SB Nations rec button to show my appreciation". There is some debate of whether it is necessary or not to actually rec the aforementioned comment. 

Rishi <3s Cock: It was said, just once, but it was enough. 

1%: An accusation of wealth, declaring the other person a top 1% income earner. Scootie: "I went to a hotel with a POOL this weekend!" Rishi: "You are the 1%!!!"

Sunshine Pumpers: People who make overly optimistic predictions about football or other Cal things. 

Racis!: (adjective) A comment or other object/person can be racis if it is facetiously racist. Twist "Gold bears are the best bears". Rishi: "That’s Racis!"

Cool. : another way of saying ‘whatever you say’ in a snarky, dismissive way. Usually at the end of a long discussion which has reached an impasse. It is used as the only word in a comment to illustrate its dismissive attitude. (Different, than ‘oh, cool!’ which is not negative). Also related is "cool story, bro" with which one can dismiss a useless or unfunny story. 

Hit Squad: The group of moderators who have the ability to delete comments if the threads are getting out of hand. The name is a reference to a superior defense (football) at Cal in the 2000s.

TEACH ME TO READ!: Okay, even I’m not sure what this is about. 

PSoCY: Shorthand for ‘Pooper Sex or See YA’. It’s probably best to ignore this. 

Useful Cal Shorthand: (Although if you don’t know this, why are you here?)

Sandy – Sandy Barbour, Cal Athletic Director

Tedford – Jeff Tedford, Head Coach of Cal Football

Monty – Mike Montgomery, Head Coach, Cal Men’s Basketball. 

Stanfurd – the proper way to address the farm school across the bay. 

Old Blue – a long-time fan who has quietly given up any hope of glory, but expects the worse possible outcome.  (ahh, aren't we all excellent sunshine pumpers). 

SO, now you can add your own! What are your favorite memes?



Mehta: Substitute for the term "META" as in a term, especially in art, used to characterize something that is characteristically self-referential. In this context, because of the Indian population, the term 'Mehta' is used. [From Mr.F]

Twist’s Wedding Night: any general situation of awkwardness, or especially failure to complete a task or fullfil one’s role will bring out someone saying “sounds like Twsit’s Wedding Night” – which, of course, is making fun of Twist and his failure to please his wife. [--From LeonPowe]

The Venn Diagram – once casually mentioned by me that all the posters on CGB (especially DBDs) tended to be chemists (sec 119, Spazzy McGee, carp), lawyers (CalBear81, OhioBear, CALumbusBear, TwistNHook, marhag) and Indians – from India, not Native Americans or Stanfurd students pre1972 (rishi, Harsha, YesWeCannon, atomsareenough, Kolwave, etc.)  [From LeonPowe]

“you people” That’s always part of the fiber here.Definitions include: regular posters of the DBD, ‘depressed sports fans’, people who DGAF (Google that one) [from Anchorsteam Bear, Goldblooded, Turkey, & Carp]

"This”: to validate what one has posted. [from Anchorsteam Bear]

“go on” to increase the thread count towards the once elusive #1000 [from Anchorsteam Bear]

obvi: Shorthand for obvious or obviously.

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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