Fantasy Week in Review and Bowl Pick'em Signups

I've set up a Bowl Pick'em league. Usual rules apply (need a Yahoo! ID, etc.)


  1. Go here
  2. League number 1465
  3. Password gobears



Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 aussie_picks 148 148-119
2 CalFootballBlog 147 147-120
3 moscow doug 147 147-120
4 California Golden Picks 145 145-122
5 Mallrat92204 144 144-123
6 whathuhh 143 143-124
7 Yellow Fever 143 143-124
8 Whohah's Valiant Carpetbaggers 142 142-125
9 DC2012 142 142-125
10 Inglewood Rudeboy 142 142-125

And here I thought I was going to make my way back up the rankings. Then again, going 9/21 will stop that from happening.

  • Had a total of 42 participants this week. SF Oski Fan Club outdid the field this week going 14/21, while the week's worst were tied at 7. Those would be the first place aussie_picks (!!!!!!) and Twist Sucks.
  • Four people took the Furd, and those people deserve your scorn. Seriously, what's wrong with you? These are Mister Jinx (well, ok, I suppose you can take them with a name like that), Tummy of the Golden Bear, Let Tiny Loose, and Twist Sucks. 
  • So why did everyone do so poorly this week? Why, all the upsets of course. Only one person had NC State (off the board, so straight up) beating Clemson. Kudos to you, Golden Beers.
  • Only three had Iowa State (+27) against Oklahoma State, and only three had Illinois (+14.5) against Wisconsin.
  • Six had Oregon State (+2) against Washington, and seven had San Diego State (+18) against Boise State, and nine had Arizona (+11) against Arizona State.
  • On the downside of the ledger, two had Mississippi State (+13) against Arkansas, five had SMU (+20) against Houston, six had Texas (+8.5) against Kansas State, and nine had South Florida (pick) against Miami.
Awesome Division
Team W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA
Lobsterback Bisque 10 2 0 0.833 0 W2 5-0-0 2 1738.8 0.0 1417.2
atoms will crush you 7 5 0 0.583 3 L1 3-2-0 0 1495.0 243.8 1370.8
I Hate Everyone 6 6 0 0.500 4 W1 2-3-0 1 1515.8 223.0 1586.2
WhoLovesOrangeSoda 4 8 0 0.333 6 W1 2-4-0 1 1319.5 419.2 1551.2
Team 5 4 8 0 0.333 6 L1 2-4-0 0 1249.8 489.0 1343.0
born2longsnap 2 10 0 0.167 8 L7 2-3-0 0 1154.0 584.8 1534.2
Not Awesome Division
Team W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA
RAAAAAAAMPAAAAAAAAAGE 9 3 0 0.750 0 W2 4-1-0 3 1705.5 33.2 1401.8
Big BAM 7 5 0 0.583 2 L1 3-2-0 1 1568.5 170.2 1331.2
Team America 7 5 0 0.583 2 L2 3-2-0 0 1560.2 178.5 1514.5
Team Marshall 6 6 0 0.500 3 W3 2-4-0 1 1358.8 380.0 1455.8
Suck It Starkey 5 7 0 0.417 4 L2 1-5-0 2 1676.5 62.2 1644.8
Loser's Lurgy 5 7 0 0.417 4 W1 3-2-0 1 1240.5 498.2 1432.0

I'd do some Visio or Paint table to show you the playoff brackets since CBS Sportsline is too damn retarded to come up with a playoff system of its own, but I don't have the inclination. Really, CBS? You're going to make me set the playoff brackets and matchups each week manually? Really. Really? REALLY?


IH8EVR1 walked over Team America 135-113. How, you ask? James Franklin, everybody! Man, I should have just been playing that guy the whole year. Not that Geno Smith has been doing poorly, but he's hardly been as great as I hope he would be. And James White, this is the last straw. You're totally out this week, and Isi is SO in.


All of Case Keenum's heroics this week weren't enough for Big BAM from falling to Lobsterback Bisque in the league semis 146.25-94. Maybe Mark Sanchez isn't a good choice for team mascot? I'm just saying.


RAAAMPAGGE romped 186.25-142 over atoms will crush you to set up a finals matchup between himself and Lobsterback Bisque. Atoms did reasonably well in getting three 30+ point performances, but the trio of Robert Griffin III, Cyrus Gray, and Trent Richardson was too much to handle.


Team Marshall managed a 109-77 victory over Suck it Starkey in the mediocre portion of the bracket, as Starkey seems to have given up on his team after a series of demoralizing losses in the first few weeks of the season despite having been the league's higher scorer for quite some time. The Georgia defense powered Team Marshall, while Bryant Moniz wasn't powering anything other than his barcalounger.


Loser's Lurgy crushed born2longsnap 131-67 in a rematch from last week, behind the strength of two performances which would have beaten born2longsnap all by themselves.


WhoLovesOrangeSoda defeated Team 5 122-115 in a matchup that I'm not sure anyone bothered scrolling all the way down here to read about. Prove me wrong, people.

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