My Big Game Bonfire Rally Index (BGBRI) Report

I've developed this little indicator of how the Big Game is going to go. It's highly scientific and, full disclosure, I needed the help of some of the guys at Lawerence Livermore Labs to help on the algorithms.  It's the Big Game Bonfire Rally Index (BGBRI).  After the jump, I'll tell you the results to date.  And though all the numbers and exigent factors haven't been fully analyzed, I'll tell you what we have from last night's rally.


The indominable Ed Kleinhans(l) with Oski (r) leading the Axe Yell

The first five  years of Tedford's reign it was patently obvious who was going to win the Big Game.  Then 2007 happened...

So, three years ago in 2008, after the bonfire rally I proclaimed Cal was going to blow out Stanfurd.   2007 was clearly an annoying fluke and it was weird because you could just tell Tedford and the team meant business and were genuinely annoyed they lost.  We all know how 2007 turned out.

Two years ago, with everything seemingly going Stanfurd's way (wins over Oregon and USC leading up to the game) once again I could tell at the bonfire rally not only the players but Tedford were annoyed that Stanfurd was getting so much move.  I mean you could really feel it.  Tedford seemed pissed off about that.  I could also tell the players were fed up with it.  So, against the grain, I absolutely predicted a Cal upset.

Last year at the Bonfire Rally, man, you could sense it wasn't going to be good... there's just some intangible feeling that comes across and you could just see these guys didn't have it in them.

This year... I was worried heading up to the Greek that there would not be the usual big crowd... I was relieved that about 15 minutes before it was filling up and there was still a huge line outside.  By the time I went on stage to bring the team out the place was packed.   The team seemed loose.  I had a nice talk with a couple of the players and Coach M.  By the way, what a genuinely nice guy.  Tedford seemed focused and at one point sort of snapping (in a non bad way) at someone because they interrupted him asking me a question about how to bring the team out.  I liked that a lot.  He also spoke passionately to the fans about being there tomorrow.  The team was having fun.  Will Kapp gave a great, humble and slighty shy talk.  I could tell other players wanted to talk but Tedford didn't want that.  But there was an energy on the team while they were on the stage.  So, having not failed me yet, the BGBI rally calls for an inspired Cal performance tomorrow.  I like our chances a lot.

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