Pain Train's trip to AT&T Park re-routed by Athletic Department

Zack Follett will be at the game today!

[...] Driving to the bay tomoro for cal game..

But he won't be on the sidelines...

whos got 2 tickets for this cal game tomorrow

...but why wouldn't Zack wanna be on the sidelines???

called and asked and they said they cant do anything for me! but they hit me up to donate to the new facility NEAT

Ohhhh, it's because college athletics is just as "what-have-you-done-for-me-lately" as professional sports. Look, I know that Zack had a rough run in the NFL(although he was making progress, and his career was sadly cut short by injury).  I know he doesn't have the cachet of an Aaron Rodgers or a Jahvid Best... but come on! Zack was the heart and soul of a very successful Cal defense! He was a fan favorite, and just a huge part of many of our Cal football experiences - and it's not like it was all that long ago!! I know it's a tight squeeze down on the baseball pitch, but they can't find a space him for him to fit onto the sideline? Hell, they can't even get him a damn ticket?? That's just wrong.

I get, I get it. Zack isn't a sexy alum. He wouldn't get ESPN camera time if he's on the sidelines, like Aaron or Jahvid or Marshawn would.He's not who recruits want to see when they're trying to make their big decisions.  But is there nothing to be said for loyalty?  For school pride? 

There is, of course, the question of "where does it stop? If Zack is a yes, can JJ Arrington get in? How about Vince D'Amato?  What about 'walk-on-who-never-played-but-gosh-he-was-a-nice-kid'?  I know, ya gotta draw the line somewhere, especially at a primetime game.  But hey, how high does the line get drawn?  What does it come down to?  Is NFL glory?(Yes.)  Is it fame?(Yes.) Is it money?(Yes.)  Is it...

...never mind. 

Obviously, I want the famous NFL alums on the sidelines - it looks good, it builds our brand, it brings in recruits, and dammit if it doesn't just make us feel good about ourselves!  I'm not mad about that at all, I absolutely love it when they visit!  Heck, the Browns are playing the Raiders on Sunday, maybe we'll see Alex Mack there :)  I know there have to be some rules about this sort of thing, and clearly I'm not the one to make them, but... 

I just don't buy it.  To leave Zack Follett out in the cold, to brush off someone who's meant SO much to this team so recently... it's just not right.

But hey, at least they had the courtesy to ask him for money, right? 


I guess they didn't want him feeling left out.

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