DBD 1.14.2011 Beer Tasting and Freebies

As I mentioned yesterday, we've been in meetings the past day and a half with various breweries who use our company to distribute their beer. We have meetings today with our main brands Coors and Miller to go over our plan for the year on how to advertise and distribute Coors and Miller.

The main objective of these meetings though was to go over the new beers the micro-breweries would be unveiling throughout the year. The micro-breweries we distribute are Blue Moon, Fat Tire, Lost Coast, Lagunitas, Alaskan, Mendocino and Russian River. As part  of these presentations, we received some freebies from the individual breweries. Here's what we received.

- Key-chain bottle openers from Fat Tire

- Golf balls with Mendocino Brewery Company logo on them

- A box of pens from Lost Coast Brewery

- Crab shaped bottle openers from Alaskan. (Obviously they've watched too much Deadliest Catch)

- Russian River calenders

- Lagunitas daily planners.

All very nice freebies. I'm not sure when the next time I'll attend a Cal basketball game, but I'll let everyone know and whoever shows up I'll give them some of the stuff I received today.

We also had the opportunity to taste a few of the beers the breweries would be unveiling in the coming year. Here's what we tried.

- An Oatmeal stout from Mendocino due out in the spring. 

- An Imperial Brown from Lagunitas due out in the spring.

- A wheat ale from Fat Tire due out in the Summer.

- Blue Moon was experimenting with some type of beer that was suppose to taste like squash for Thanksgiving. It was disgusting and will probably never hit the store shelves. 

The only beer that impressed me was the Wheat Ale from Fat Tire. It was very strong, but easy to drink and it didn't leave an aftertaste which is usually one of my biggest complaints about Ale's and one of the reasons why I don't drink Ale's. There's other beers these companies plan on producing this year, but they didn't bring along any samples.

Other than the freebies and free samples of beer, these meetings have been boring. Just mainly marketing and advertising talks and old men making awkward jokes.

(As I'm writing this, I'm watching the opening ceremony of the new basketball arena at Oregon. Does Oregon realize opening an arena doesn't have to be like the opening ceremonies of the Olympics?)

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