DBD 9.22.10 2010 Golden Bear Football: The Cougars Weigh In


A few months back, Since1997 presented an introduction to BAM in an effort to build increased communication and understanding between the sexes. We feel that you may now be ready for a more focused study, a quick look at our 2010 California Golden Bear football team.



Those 1898 Bears were particularly dreamy. Let's see if 2010 can live up to the legacy.

A number of people have figured out over the past few months that Since1997 and Scootie have quite different taste in hunks hotties playas dreamboats men. It is hoped that by having a co-authored study, the CGB community will gain increased understanding into the varying factors and the relative weightings that can contribute to the BAM equation under disparate circumstances.

Situational Assessment

Mike Mohamed

4938579223_384254fe97_medium  The_interception_medium_medium

via (thanks, Monica's Dad) /via                                                  

Now, we think everybody knows how Since1997 feels about The Prophet. Scootie is quite happy to play wing-gal on this one.

What Since loves about him: He's hot, smart, and put a royal hurt on Andrew Luck circa 2009.

BAM: Since 9.5/Scootie 7.9 (SINCE EDIT: 7.9 Are you crazy? SCOOTIE: Sorry, hon. He's a Brandon, and I've always been a Dylan kind of girl.)


Robert Mullins

4936611628_6d977b71dd_medium  69903_medium

via / via (HT Turkey for the fan day photo)

Linebacker Robert Mullins is Scootie's top choice.

What Scootie loves about him: He has adorable dimples and a great smile, while his buff body and tattoo-free clean cut look don't exactly hurt (except my heart, because he is less than half my age).

BAM: Since 8.0/Scootie 9.3


Ryan Wertenberger

5644472_medium   4935983607_1c6486136d_m_medium

via / via (HT Turkey)

This is a young man so lovely and charming he made a personalized video for Since1997 when she could not attend Fan Appreciation Day in person.

What Since loves about him: Okay so yes he's a 4th string QB and yes he calls Memorial "Bear Stadium" but holy shit, the dude is a walk-on.  No one had ever heard of him (well... except me) and all of a sudden he was making a push to pass the party-yacht at the QB Regatta.  Gotta love his balls and HEART!!11  (not that i have any real knowledge of said cajones...) Oh and he's really really really good-looking.  I bet he reads good too.

BAM: Since 9.4/Scootie 8.3 [SINCE COMMENT: slight downgrade to Prophet due to lack of game-winning interception]


Darian Hagan

20100819__ecct0820calfb_1_gallery_medium Hagan_cal_medium


Darian gets the Care Bear Award.  His amazing talent (pick six against CU!), pursuit of a social welfare degree and amazing love for his daughter make this Golden Bear a true BAM standout.

What Scootie loves About Him: The no excuses attitude. The dimples (not visible here, but trust me, they're there). A determination to make his own way in football despite his dad's big shadow (for those who don't know, his father, Darian Sr., was the QB for Colorado's national championship team in 1990, and is now a CU coach). His obvious love for his family.

BAM: Since 8.5/Scootie 8.7


Jackson Bouza


via (HT Monica's Dad)

Jackson Bouza is a redshirt freshman receiver whom neither of us had ever heard of until we just stumbled across this photo. Oh. My. God. HOT!!!! His father is Matt Bouza, who is an Old Blue letterman who used to occasionally do the color commentary for Cal football games.

Why we both love him: please see photo. That's all we know. It's enough.

SinceBAM: 10.0/ScootieBAM:10.0



There you have it friends.  Sincey and Scootie's 1st Team All-Golden Bear roster.  It seems like all that Nike money is going to a deserving Tedford since our team is mostly defense (SCOOTIE EDIT: Psst Since you know that Ryan is a QB right?  SINCE: Yes.).

In the comments section, create your own All-Golden Bear roster, tell Scootie how she can Tweet-hug Robert Mullins, or explain to Sincey why Ryan Werternberger's No 4 performance means he's on track to be Mr. Heisman 2010. 


The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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