Golden Nuggets: Nevada Week Press Conference

It's Tuesday, so we have another media luncheon today.  Nevada (obviously) was the biggest focal point, as the number one offense in the land takes on the number one defense in the land.  Tedford, Riley, and Holt talk about a variety of topics, but we'll take a look at the matchup of #1 offense vs #1 defense.  Here's a snippet of what Tedford said:

On whether he sees this as a bigger game for either Cal or Nevada, and the matchup of Cal's nationally No. 1-ranked defense against the Wolf Pack's top-ranked offense

"I think that matchup is going to be very challenging Their offense is very potent, led the country in rushing last year - [three 1000-yard] rushers. They're very, very good at what they do, very precise, very disciplined, and have the guys to do it. Their quarterback does an excellent job of running that offense and they're very explosive. If you don't stay in your gap and you don't tackle well in the open field, they can - you look at their scores from last year, there's a 70, there's a couple of 60s, there's a couple 50s on there. They can explode on offense very quickly, so it's going to be a major challenge for us to slow those guys down a little bit. As far as the game is concerned, I can only speak for us. It's a big game for us because it's this week's game. Every time we take the field it's a big. For them, I'm sure it's a big deal as well. Anytime you go like on a Thursday or Friday night, you watch TV on ESPN, you see how cranked up the campuses are and things like, so I'm sure it's going to be a pretty hostile environment."

DJ Holt talked about the matchup against the prolific offense.

On Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick and the challenges he presents

"Tackling. We have to execute and tackle. A lot of the plays get to the perimeter and he makes a lot of guys miss, so we have to swarm to the ball. Everybody has to do their job and give great effort. He might make one guy miss but he can't make the whole defense miss. If we just run to the ball, do our job and be physical when we get there, we should be fine."
On how aware the team is that Nevada is a very good opponent

"They're one of the top offenses in the country. I definitely remember them playing Boise State last year. They keep, they're really close to Boise State every year, Fresno State. They're definitely not a team to sleep on - like I said, number one offense in the country. So you definitely can't take an offense of that caliber, high of a caliber, lightly. You have to really execute the game plan and do your job so you don't get exposed." 

After the jump Cal opens as a 3-point favorite, Nevada's defensive coordinator prepares to defend a former foe, Jarred Price sets some lofty goals, women's volleyball continues its domination, and more.


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