DBD 7.2.10 Colour Flavours

Flavour colours, y'know the flavours of colours.  Every colour has a flavour, what is your favourite.  Given a choice of colours for a slushy, otter pop, candy, or popsicle which colour do you grab?  It is a vitally important choice as the colour you make directly influences your enjoyment of life.

My heirarchy of flavours and colours is as follows:


1.  Blue:  My go-to colour.  Usually more closely associated with the word cool that any one flavour, blue is my default flavour.  I've found blue excells in beverages over food products.  The likes of blue icees, otter pops, gatorade, etc. taste better than its candied counterparts of skittles (tropical expansion pack).  Nonetheless, blue is usually one of the top two flavours for its brand, and I've never tasted a bad blue-flavoured product.  Its flavours are distinct and unique, yet not overwhelming.  A perfect blend yielding consistently good flavours.

2.  Pink:  Usually tied to strawberries or watermelon, pink is less common than blue for beverages, but is far more prevalent in food form.  When it exists is almost always one of the top flavours for that type of brand.  The flavours are sharp and acute, without being excessive.

3.  Red:  Good ole red, you can never really go wrong with red.  Most commonly associated with cherry, it is the ultimate middle flavour, it never stands out, but is rarely bad.  If you are trying something exotic, I would recommend starting with red.

4.  Green:  Usually lime, green again is a unique flavour, and is typically involved in spin-off expansion pack type flavours.  Instead of being an original starburst, it will be in the starburst tropical pack.  Sometimes green can backfire, but usually the colour provides a welcomed change of pace from the usual assortment of flavours.  Echto-coolors FTW!

5.  Purple:  Nearly unilaterally associated with grape.  It is quite common, but never very good.  Personally, the flavours conjure up bad memories of being forced to drink cough medicine as a kid.

6.  Orange:  Included in nearly every type of candy or ice cream delight, orange almost always represents orange.  The problem is, with its prevelance throughout the candy spectrum, orange becomes a very common flavour, with that arises less appeal.  The exception is Orange tic-tacs, which are awesome.

7.  Yellow:  Yellow represents one of two flavours, pineapple or banana.  I like pineapple, but am not a fan of the fruit banana.  Therefore, as a flavour-colour I am prejudice against yellow.  I just don't like bananas or their derivatives.

8.  Black:  Rather rare, but when the flavour black does exist it is almost always a flavour linked to black licorice, a type of candy I don't like.  I prefer not to eat bananas, but will if the situation calls for it.  Black licorice I despise, and will flat out not consume.  Therefore I hate any black flavoured candies. 


Wild Card.  White:  White is always a wild card for me.  In many situations, like gatorade flavours or slushys they are absolutely divine.  The problem is you never know what flavour they are supposed to represent.  Sometimes they are coconut or pina colada (two flavours I don't like), sometimes they are a special release flavour which mixes the best of the other flavours together (like the white gummy bears).  Therefore, the spectrum of tastes is extreme, hence white being a wild card.  When it is good, it is usually the best flavour for the candy/treat, when it is bad, it typically falls between yellow and orange.

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