Golden Facilities: July 2010 SAHPC Update

Welcome to the July construction update! On a clear Saturday afternoon, just moments before the fog rolled back in, I had a chance to stop by for another installment.

The stadium itself was sealed off and I couldn't take pictures from above. I'm not sure if it was open earlier in the day because there were a few joggers still in there. Sucks for them, because that is one high fence to be climbing. There were still some nice views from street with the concrete exterior now finalized.

Later that day, as I was driving from Target to Vik's Chaat, on San Pablo close to University, I came to a stop light when I see a certain football player.  He is waiting to cross the median and appeared to be heading into some super sketchy halal food market. I stop before the intersection to allow him to cross, and he acknowledged my Cal Go Bears license frame on my front license. I wanted to roll down my window and greet this player whose face I recognized, but whose name I couldn't remember at that moment!

About 20 minutes later, as I'm indulging in some delicious chaat, I suddenly blurted out "IT'S GABE KING!!!" My brain had finally put the name to the face, and I managed to scare my fiance and some Indians sitting next to us. The short dreadlocks I had seen in so many recruiting pictures were the main giveaway that it was in fact Gabe King.

Just from that quick look, I would be shocked if Mr. Gabe King doesn't play this year. His size is really impressive for an incoming freshman.

Back to the update. A preview of what's yet to come!

Some of the precast concrete louvers have been installed into the openings.



Work on the landscape surrounding the SAHPC is going on right now. Some concrete pours for pathways and ramps are taking place this week, although my understanding is that this area will be still be closed off for the season.


This is some cool stuff. Many of the arches have had their glass removed and we can see the slope of the seating from the outside! The weight room used to be in this area around CC-D. The best thing about all this is that natural light will come into the concourse as it originally did.


The opening for the north entrance.


A few pictures from Piedmont. The structure is now very prominent from the street.




Another section of arches with interior demolition ongoing.



The south entrance.


The glass has been removed from the arches behind the south entrance elevator tower.


The south entrance will be the more prominent of the two because this one approaches the stadium at the 50 yard.


The weight room area. The strip running along the edge that doesn't quite reach the height of the plaza level contains space for windows to allow natural light into the expansive weight room.



Now we get a look at the finished concrete of the 4th level just behind I-House.



The diagonal divide between the smooth concrete and the textured concrete. The smooth concrete will be below the pathway designed for the area.


Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.



Top of the new ticket building. There hasn't been much work on the  concrete shell since May. I doubt the thing will be ready in less than 2 months time. The roof looks like an enticing climb for celebrations.


And finally, the south extent of the SAHPC. They have finished installing the steel braces all along the structure. Seismic safety will be better than ever this season!

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