Why Isn't Mike Garrett Fired?

As glad as I am that the NCAA actually completed its investigation before Reggie Bush retired from the NFL and married Kim, what does it take for the University of Spoiled Children to fire its most spoiled child?



"The process of self-scrutiny must [ask]: What went wrong? What should we do differently?" Steven Sample, USC University President.

"The university didn't know. We didn't know." — Pete Carroll, former USC football coach.  Okay Pete, I guess when you refer to we, you don't mean your running backs coach Todd McNair.  I guess for a guy who tweets at least once a day, you've never clicked on a link to a story about your own school since Charles Robinson from Yahoo started publishing stories about Bush in 2006.

Pete Carroll, ""I’m absolutely shocked and disappointed at the findings of the NCAA," Carroll said. "...The agenda of the NCAA infractions committee took them beyond the facts."  (The "shocked" Carroll said from the multimillion dollar Seahawks practice facility whose head coaching job he shockingly took right before the sanctions came out.)  What other facts are you referring too?  Come out with it, did the NCAA miss something in its 67 pages?

President Sample, I understand that you can't really get back at Reggie Bush and his family for making a joke out of being an amateur athlete.  Pete Carroll also is gone to his multimillion dollar NFL gig and unable to hit with repercussions.  But Mike Garrett?  He's that dude down in Heritage Hall who had to unlock the plexiglass to take out the National Championship crystal and give it back.  Todd McNair, still working for Lane Violation, is confirmed in the investigation to have known about at least some of Bush's financial arrangements. 

Call me former SC Reggie Bush running back stablemate LenDale White (not for the StayPuff Marshmellow Man look but now as reported by Fanhouse): "I don't want to bad mouth nobody, but as big as this scale is and as much as they (the NCAA) saying somebody took, for you not to know anything is kind of unbelievable to me. I don't know. If you're the athletic director I'm pretty sure you get wind of something, that somebody's put something in your ear. When I was going to school there, and we were partying too much on campus, coaches could show up at our dorm room and tell us to calm the partying down. But you can't tell if somebody took a $750,000 home? I don't know. It's weird to me...I think if I was the head of the school...I think I would have some kind of idea of what was going on...It would be really hard for me to sit here and say if I was the head coach of a program -- (Titans coach) Jeff Fisher knows everything we do, if we throw a party in the city of Nashville, he's got the flier sitting on his desk -- he (Fisher) knows every single thing you do. So it's hard for me to say that if somebody got a brand new home or supposedly got a brand new car or something, that you (Pete Carroll) wouldn't know. To me that's baloney. Honestly. He (Pete Carroll) would know. You have to know. Especially when you're in Hollywood, California. It's not hard."

"Lack of institutional control" is too low of a standard for SC?  What is the thinking, Steven- unless we get the death penalty, Mike Garrett is with us?  Wait for the appeal to fail, before you fire? You are going to hire former FBI director Louis Freeh to help teach the athletic department how to keep meddlesome runners and agents off of their "student-athletes."  Isn't that the athletic director's job?  What is Mike Garrett's responsibility - chief cheerleader, posing next to his Heisman trophy with a V in his fingers?  I actually like that he's still around because he is so clueless but why would the NCAA ban Reggie Bush, OJ Mayo from any contact with the university for the rest of their lives and not Garrett?  Isn't he the guy suppose to be in charge? Did the NCAA just assume that any reasonable university would have canned their AD after such sanctions?

I believed all this until I heard it from the horse's mouth.  From the LA Times, "I read between the lines and there was nothing but a lot of envy, and they wish they all were Trojans..Today I got a purpose for really wanting to dominate for another 10 years. ...[I] felt invigorated by all this stuff...with the penalty we got today I know we're bigger than life." -- USC athletic director Mike Garrett.  Wow, this guy really gets it.

After knowing about this investigation for the past three years, Garrett has really clamped down.  He completely tore down the house for running backs program of the Bush era and replaced it with the SUV for running backs program.  He made sure that receivers like Dwayne Jarrett paid at least half of their rent.  He made sure that USC women's tennis players have a $8000 limit on international phone calls from the athletic department office.  He hired a football coach with an impeccable reputation for avoiding NCAA violations to right the program and especially not commit violations hours into his hiring.  He made sure the basketball program avoided further media attention involving recruits with questionable amateur status while they were under investigation.

Honestly, what else can the man do? Fight on Mike Garrett, fight on!


The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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