DBD 5/29-5/31: It's Grillin' Time!

What the hey - holiday weekend DBD.  Because I know that some of you have no lives just like me in between the bbq's, bikini parties, and benders some of you might just want to wander by and say WASSUP!

Memorial Day is supposed to mark the start of the grilling and boating seasons.  Boating-wise, there are more alcohol-related deaths, injuries, and accidents on this weekend (and Labor Day) than most of the year combined.  I used to go out before sunrise, fish a few hours, and then have lunch at the marina watching while already-buzzed recreation boaters tried to put their boats in the water.  It's an awesome, awe-inspiring and often hilarious sight.  You've got a bunch of arrogant guys who haven't used their toys in over six months trying to remember how to back up a trailer, often while mildly or completely drunk and often while trying to impress a scantily clad member of the opposite sex.  Inebriation + inexperience/rust + presence of bikini babes = Wow.(NSFW, in case it matters)  Any one of these conditions can throw a brotha off his game - when taken in combination, the results can be epic.  My buddy and I used to make a game out of it and keep score over lunch.  One point for:  getting your truck stuck in the water, dropping the boat on the ramp, missing the trailer completely, forgetting to put in the plug, or regular accidents.

Boats don't have brakes and inexperienced/drunk boat drivers can cause some interesting crashes.

Suffice to say, having unleashed two offspring upon the world, I no longer venture to the water during a holiday weekend.  Instead, it's all about the food.  Today, I'm doing some cedar-plank salmon, bbq'd oysters, and grilled artichokes, peppers, and corn.  Tomorrow, I'm going to smoke some goat-cheese stuffed home-ground steak burgers and see if I can avoid screwing up a couple of racks of the semi-legendary 4 Step Beef Ribs.  For sides, we're doing bbq baked beans, and a southern-style green bean salad.  We usually do a macaroni or potato salad, but have scratched that due to CGB fitness.  I know - it's like drinking a diet Coke at a buffet.  

For those of you who missed the late-night DBD talk on ribs, I share my 4 Step recipe:

Step 1:  Marinate in beer.  You can also add coke, honey, soy, ginger, garlic to taste.  The key thing here is you *must* test your beer several times to ensure suitability.  (For the People of Walmart - please note that you should test the beer before adding to the marinate.)

Step 2:  Create foil tents around the ribs and braise w/ beer in the oven for 1hr at 400 degrees.  This reduces fat and helps to break down the cartilage so that your ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender.

Step 3:  Apply dry rub and smoke with hickory/mesquite at 200 degrees for 4 hrs.  I usually use pre-made Cajun Foreplay by Dinosaur.  To avoid issues with constantly monitoring wood (like carp) and temperatures, I use a Bradley Digital smoker that feeds in pellets automatically every 20 minutes.

Step 4:  Apply sauce/glaze and grill briefly on high heat (Optional step - but I like a seared outside in contrast to a tender inside)

Without straying into the realm of Topics Which Must Not Be Discussed, I will say that I'm going to take a moment this weekend to be thankful.  I appreciate my home and my family, and I appreciate all of you here at CGB.  Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

So what's cooking?  Got any family recipes to share?  Do you have wild solarise-esque debauched party plans?  Playing it chill?  Are you already too drunk to rEaD cLeArLy?  Is Fire Starkey hosting a pool party for family and...friends?  (Too soon?  So rong?)  What are your Memorial Day weekend traditions?

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