DBD 5.19.10 Please, welcome the Hit Squad!

It is not secret that CGB has one of the best SBN communities around.  Sure, I'm biased, but I love the people who come here to read and comment.  I feel that we create a fun, welcoming atmosphere.  You can learn about recruiting in our recruiting threads, Shakespeare in our DBDs, and 1950s Cal football on the front page.  All great stuff!

For most of the history of this site, the job of moderation for the community fell to me.  It was incredibly distracting from what I love most about CGB, being incredibly distracted from work.  So, I stopped doing that.  Then, Avi tried, but also decided that it kept him from writing the high quality front page content we've come to expect from him.  Thus, we had nobody to do the moderation.  We discussed this with the SBN higher ups and read some of their materials on site moderation.  We had tried it "our" way and it wasn't working out, so we decided to try it "their" way.  I have some trepidation of trying something new, but I know with the support of the entire community we have here, we can solve any problem put before us.

What the SBN higher ups recommended was setting up a team of highly respected readers who can work together on the moderation.  By having a team, it can make sure that somebody is usually around the site to keep an eye on things.  Further, it can ensure that a group of reasonable people discuss the problem in full and make an informed decision, instead of my usual rashness.  I'm so rash!  Or at least I was.

As you'll see, we've also selected a group of people who are from various time zones, providing hopefully 24 hour coverage.  I have no doubt that things will continue in the easy going manner that they always do.  We get solid growth each year as the football season approaches and will definitely need to have a team in place to deal with that.  SBN stressed that it is important to put a team in place BEFORE something happens rather than AFTER.  Makes sense to me.  People have been, for the most part, following our community guidelines with minimal problem.

Let me introduce to you the Hit Squad:


Ohio Bear



CALumbus Bear

They will continue to be the awesome commenters that you love.  But if something goes down here in the DBD or elsewise, they will be around to help out.  So, they are even awesomer.  You can either put the flags in like you normally do or you can privately email them at  Or you can write the new Hit Squad bat signal: 


That will alert a member of the Hit Squad to come and sack the problem.  Then, sack it again.  Then, give up a 20 yard pass play on 3rd.  IT'S THE HIT SQUAD, PEOPLE!

Thank you very much to all for your help with this.  GO BEARS!

Baseball loses to USF:


The No. 25-ranked Cal baseball team was able to tie the game, 1-1, in the fourth inning on sophomore catcher Chadd Krist's sacrifice fly, but then yielded five runs in the last four innings and fell, 6-1, to San Francisco Tuesday (May 18) at Evans Diamond. The Golden Bears (27-19), who only had four hits on the day, were led by freshman third baseman Tony Renda, who was 2-for-4 with a double.

The losing pitcher for the Bears was senior left-hander Chris Petrini (1-1), who threw 5.0 innings with five hits, three runs, three walks and two strikeouts. The Dons were paced by the pitching of left-hander Jordan Remer, who evened his record to 2-2 by throwing 7.2 innings with three hits, one run, one walk and three strikeouts. Doug Murray earned his second save of the year by pitching the final 1.1 innings (one hit, one strikeout).

USF scored first with a run in the third inning on Robert Abel's RBI single up the middle. Cal tied the contest in the bottom of the fourth when Renda led-off the inning with a double down the left field line, advanced to third base on junior second baseman Brian Guinn's sacrifice bunt, and scored on Krist's sacrifice fly to left field.

But that was the highlight for the Bears as the Dons came back with two runs in the sixth inning when Ryan Lipkin led-off with a solo home run down the left field line and Nik Balog later scored on Adam Clear's sacrifice fly. USF went on to score a run in the seventh inning on Stephen Yarrow's chop single to second base, and two runs in the top of the ninth inning on RBI singles by Lipkin and Chris Dittmann for the final 6-1 margin.

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