DBD 5.11.10: Daily Cal Blitz

I'm not actually sure what the process is for posting DBD's, so if I'm not allowed to do this, just delete this, Master TwistNHook. I'm just really bored of studying for finals and doing research papers. Anyways, first DBD.

With that said, here we go. Discuss, comment, and all that fun stuff.


Protesters Block Birgeneau's Home


More than 100 demonstrators are sitting in front of the steps leading to Chancellor Robert Birgeneau's campus home, demanding a meeting with Birgeneau to discuss demands previously put forward by the "Hungry for Justice Coalition."

About a dozen police officers, at least five in riot gear, from at least three police departments are standing between the protesters and Birgeneau's home.

About 15 police officers in riot gear are standing adjacent to the house.

The demonstrators are chanting, "Hell no, we won't go" as well as, "Whose house? Our house."


The new Sex on...Monday?!


Coming a Little Closer


As I finish up my freshman year, it's only natural to reflect back on the events that defined this momentous year. A few nights ago, two of my friends and I tried to identify "the best days of this year" - Big Game Day, Homecoming Weekend and some late-night hangouts were among the winners. And while the aforementioned do capture some lovely memories, it's not fair to attribute everything that made this year great to a select few Saturdays.

Instead, I have come to the rather ordinary conclusion that this year was made special by the connections I established in the past 10 months. I have also come to the not-so-ordinary conclusion that I made all of these connections through sex.


The Cold War, on campus:

CalSERVE, Student Action Each Agree to Withhold Charges in Each Election


While the parties' leaders say this pact prevents a cycle of back and forth accusations and partisan legal battles, other ASUC officials say it is a means of violating the election bylaws without repercussions.

Representatives from the parties formally met on April 11 this year, armed with photo, video and testimonial evidence, which CalSERVE Elections Coordinator Kortney McBride said could have disqualified the entire Student Action party and Student Action Party Chair Meghana Dhar said could have disqualified one executive and two senate candidates from CalSERVE.

But after discussing the violations, the representatives signed an undisclosed written agreement forbidding the parties from charging each other's candidates, with the exception of one charge each for CalSERVE member and Academic Affairs Vice President-elect Viola Tang and Student Action member and Senator-elect Michael Bloch.



Just in case you haven't been paying attention to the front page:

Cal to Host 2011 Season at AT&T Park


Cal athletics and the San Francisco Giants announced today their agreement for the Bears to play up to six home games at AT&T Park in San Francisco during the 2011 season.

The construction at Memorial Stadium to modernize facilities and improve seismic safety will kick the Bears off their home field until the 2012 season.

"Overall, AT&T offered us the best facility to meet the needs of our fans, our student-athletes and our football program," Barbour said during today's press conference along AT&T Park's first-base line. "One of the attractive parts of this was that we would have access to everything that this beautiful stadium has to offer."

ASUC Elections news:

Stern Charged with Obstruction of Justice


ASUC President-elect Noah Stern was charged with obstruction of justice Friday as a result of testimony and evidence presented at Thursday's Judicial Council hearing.

Attorney General Kevin Gibson's charge sheet filed with the council alleges that Stern made "misrepresentations" to him and Elections Council Chair Vinit Sukhija during the course of an investigation into Stern's purported bylaw violations.

During Thursday's hearing, Stern admitted to electronically voting for student Roy Pfaffman at an April 8 Alpha Omicron Pi sorority philanthropy event, after previously stating he had not.




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